Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back to Sarkozy. The first meeting in the North, on the land … – West France

Back to Sarkozy. The first meeting in the North, on the land … – West France

“Thursday, it’s back to the people in the North” , proclaims spokesman Nicolas Sarkozy this season, the young deputy mayor of the nearby town of Tourcoing Gerald Darmanin , about this popular area where FN is making significant scores.

Taking the floor at 19h

Ad application on Facebook last Friday confidences JDD and then Sunday morning ranging interview given to France 2 Sunday night, lacking only a stage rocket: Public Meeting

It will be held in front of a room full of at least 2,000 people in the city of one of the centrists. UMP Marc-Philippe Daubresse, and not far from the birthplace of General de Gaulle, say his supporters, at a time when Mr Sarkozy wants to show its ability to collect. Nicolas Sarkozy should speak to 19 hours.

Not afraid of primary

Target for the former president, he becomes head of the UMP, build “a very big gathering in February or March,” , according to his spokesman. Also on the program, Mr. Sarkozy “will reaffirm its commitment to the primary. Primary, he did not fear “, says Mr Darmanin.

Party decentralized

Mr. Sarkozy’s rivals for the presidency UMP but especially for the 2017 presidential race in recent days have raised concerns on the subject, including Alain Juppé spoke of a “point of bitter conflict” in case of cancellation by Mr. Sarkozy of these primary yet provided by the statutes of the UMP.

Near the former mayor of Neuilly, former Secretary of State Nora Berra abounded yesterday: it’s a “false debate. Why? Because Nicolas Sarkozy is absolutely not opposed to the principle of primary “. The former president is also expected to repeat his will, if elected at the head of the UMP, which is little doubt, to organize a “decentralized party.”

45 minutes of speech

M. Sarkozy is also expected on ideas, whereas his opponents, his return takes yet more form than substance.

“He will talk about France, its required return on the European stage. It will also discuss the need to boost growth economic policy, technological progress, the new social model to be invented … The speech is expected to last 45 minutes and as it has been criticized for not having enough said on France 2, there journalists will be busy “, provides in an interview Wednesday at the M. Daubresse.

” back to the people “, this is an opportunity to finally show images that popular fervor that could surround the former president in the past still exists, while a majority of French (54 to 55% in two polls) are the found no convincing during his meeting Sunday evening on France 2

Getting more intimate

But this broad public meeting will not necessarily posterity in this formula. “It’s hard to have direct contact with the people, with the presence of all media” laments Mr. Darmanin.

M. Sarkozy will therefore “try to reduced travel” more “intimate” . “The idea is to give a voice” activists with “modest means” . The pace? “A meeting by region, two to three trips per week” until November 29, when the first round of the election to the presidency of the UMP.

E st it really necessary when the polls put the former president consistently leads the voting intentions of UMP (75% according to a poll Ifop Monday)? Mr. Darmanin replies: “If he did not, he looked like he was arrogant. “


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