Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Larcher en route to the presidency of the Senate, having struck … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Larcher en route to the presidency of the Senate, having struck … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Paris (AFP) – Already Senate President from 2008 to 2011, Gérard Larcher should again find the prestigious post Wednesday after Tuesday struck Jean-Pierre Raffarin during primary organized within the UMP

Senator of Yvelines, who had already beaten Jean-Pierre Raffarin in 2008, did even better, collecting 80 votes against 56 for former Prime Minister, who was unofficially backed by Nicolas Sarkozy, and 7 votes for the Chairman of the Committee on Finance Philippe Marini.

With these 143 votes UMP insured, while an absolute majority in the Upper House is 175, the election of Mr. Larcher Wednesday to plateau, the nickname the presidency of the Senate, no doubt.

centrist Senators right are 190 effect Left (PS, PCF, environmentalists, radical left, various left) has 156 elected and the National Front 2.

The Senate president is regarded as the second character of the Republic, to the extent that he acts the president in case of vacancy or incapacity .

While Mr. Larcher will face several candidates in plenary: Didier Guillaume, President of the Socialist Group, François Zocchetto, President of UDI-UC group, Jean-Vincent Place, president of environmentalists and Eliane Assassi, the only woman candidate, President of the communist group.

“We will meet in the second round tomorrow with the centrists,” assured Gérard Larcher.

Face the government and Assembly led by a left-wing majority, Mr. Larcher promised a Senate “constructive opposition but must get ready to resist if you do not listen.”

He stressed the Senate would require the “territorial reform will be the great debate of the fall.”

Gérard Larcher, who chaired the Senate before being defeated by incumbent President Jean-Pierre Bel ( PS) who decided to leave politics, left early, announcing his candidacy in February. “The question of what to serve is raised,” he said, while according to a survey more than one in two French would welcome the disappearance of the upper house

-. ‘Willingness independence of senators’ –

The magnitude of the victory of the close of François Fillon surprised the UMP, where Judge Jean-Pierre Raffarin was served by his stand for Nicolas Sarkozy to the presidency of the UMP.

“There are false friends who did him no favors by making it appear as close to Nicolas Sarkozy. victory Larcher, is that an application field, “admitted Bruno Retailleau, presidential candidate of the UMP as Gerard Longuet and Roger Karoutchi.

” The Senate is the Senate, we choose a candidate for the tray, not the president, “summed Philippe Marini. The support of Nicolas Sarkozy, “it was just propaganda that were circulating of people who have done a disservice to Jean-Pierre Raffarin,” said he tried.

This shows ” a desire for independence and senators not to choose immediately a candidate for president, “admitted the senator from Maine-et-Loire Béchu Christophe, who supported Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

“The Senate is an autonomous institution. And Senate President, it is an autonomous Senate I will work” to defend, summed Gérard Larcher.

In the early afternoon, the two new senators FN Stephane Ravier and David Rachline, stole the show for a few minutes in the UMP by a high-profile entry in the Luxembourg Palace. “Our goal is to install a number of debates that did not exist here on insecurity, immigration or lax justice” promised Mr. Rachline, who at 26 is the youngest member of the High meeting.

Wednesday, the election of the president by his peers in the Senate will be held in public by a secret ballot. If the absolute majority of votes cast is required for the first and second rounds, a relative majority suffices for the third round.


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