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Nicolas Sarkozy: what to remember his meeting –

Nicolas Sarkozy: what to remember his meeting –


Nicolas Sarkozy meeting in Lambeth in September 25, 2014

to Cécile De Sèze

It’s back in great shape that offered Nicolas Sarkozy its supporters faithful. At its meeting in Lambeth, in the North, September 25, the former president gave his first speech as a candidate for the presidency of the UMP to 4000-5000 people, according to organizers.

Francois Hollande, primary right, shale gas … The topics covered by the President defeated in 2012 were numerous and were more on the state of the country and in terms of the opposition party, speaking of a “long march in the service of France.”

After minute of silence to honor Hervé Gourdel, hostage executed by the jihadists on September 24, Nicolas Sarkozy began his speech: “My dear friends, if you knew how happy I am to see you!” To quickly follow up on the status of France and without pass up the opportunity to criticize the government.

From Holland bashing

” Two and a half in, I went silent, the systematic destruction of all that we had done “, was he sorry (… ) Normal presidency … Imagine what it would have been if it had not been! (…) We were expecting the worst. At least on this point, we have not been disappointed “

While continuing to attack the current president and the government, Nicolas Sarkozy has not spared Marine Le Pen.” I denounce the alliance of FN and PS (…) Marine Le Pen has made me his target but has given a boost to his friend François Hollande in 2012 (…) It has its share of responsibility in the situation in which France finds today. “

If he had opted not to criticize Hollande during his televised speech on France 2 Sunday September 21, Nicolas Sarkozy does not in private this afternoon. He also spoke of the “lies” of the government or “injustice” of the Socialists, while defending himself, saying no having “never lied.”

There will be many primary right

Not to mention specifically UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed that the primary right would be well organized for the presidential elections in 2017 “There will be primary. Which could in good faith doubt it otherwise? A does one forgot my temperament? “Has he said, calling not to make this about a” useless quarrel. “He has reassured his rivals for the presidency, including Alain Juppé, very attached to the primary system “open”.

repeatedly evoking his “political family,” the right man took the opportunity to stroke in the direction of hair his opponents Speaking particular “experience” Alain Juppe – after having launched as Le Canard Enchaîné, “I’ll kill you”, September 3 – or “trust” that door François Fillon. posted If his desire to rebuild his “political training” “top to bottom” and so stop “printing mess”, he did not offered any specific proposals on this subject.

It recognizes the “failure” of RSA

Several times during his speech, the former head of state has acknowledged” mistakes “during his tenure. But he particularly stressed the problem of RSA, set up in 2008, “We have failed in our commitment to the RSA means and reintegration into the work,” he regretted.

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to propose therefore compensation “in service to the community” against the payment of the allowance. “What will happen to our system if there are fewer people working and more waiting for their benefits?”, Asked the former president.

More work and reduce the number of employees

Always talking about cuts in public spending, which it considers” too heavy for our economy, “the former mayor of Neuilly has announced plans to once again, reduce the number of staff. “The number of employees will be reduced as we have done during the last five years,” he has said.

Before that, as an echo of his 2007 presidential campaign, the former -president of the Republic also announced that the French will have to “work harder”. A phrase that is reminiscent of the slogan that got him elected: “Work more to earn more”.

In favor of shale gas

Finally, Nicolas Sarkozy made an announcement which should not appeal to environmentalists: “I can not accept that the United States is now, in terms of energy independent thanks to shale gas and France can not take advantage of this new energy , while unemployment is ravaging many of our territories and both of our families, it’s unacceptable. “

The former president has presented the exploitation of shale gas in both as an alternative to fight against unemployment and a way to achieve energy independence. But the technique used to extract shale gas is controversial , including associations of environmental protection, who report risks of pollution of ground water in case of leakage.

As he had done on the set of Lawrence Delahousse there is less than a week, Nicolas Sarkozy praised the use of referendums. While he has never used this method of voting during his five years, he was offered the first reducing the number of MPs and a second merging the councils and regional councils . With these proposals, the “long march” of Nicolas Sarkozy “in the service of France” seems drawn to the 2017 presidential.

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