Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PS first sanctions against six deputies slingers – The World

PS first sanctions against six deputies slingers – The World

Christian Paul, Fanélie Carrey-Conte, Barbara Romagnano, Gerard and Linda Sebaoun Gourjade therefore does not participate in committee discussions on the development of the social security budget for 2015 Jean-Marc Germain, another rebellious MP, had he announced his intention to leave the commission on its own. They will be replaced by elected more pahse with the position taken by the executive line.

Presented Monday, September 29, the PLFSS provides 700 million euros in savings on family allowances. Cuts severely criticized on the right, but also by some Socialist deputies “slingers”, who wanted to try to influence government policy.

“METHOD is detestable”

Jean-Marc Germain and Christian Paul had scrapped hard in the Commission against amending the social security budget passed in July, which included a general freeze pensions until 2015 . This position became uncomfortable to the point that Paul finally prefers to leave his position as rapporteur PLFSS early September.

Their stances irritated part of the Socialist Group, but the decision to exclude them completely is a surprise. “The method is detestable” , choked Catherine Lemorton, PS chairman of the Committee on Social Affairs, warned by SMS. “I knew there would be changes, but then to do so without consultation! “

Conversely, Gerard Bapt, Socialist rapporteur PLFSS, believes that the decision clarifies things. ” For the Social Affairs Committee it was very difficult to always be just one vote, the rapporteur could be beaten and it posed a political problem he explains . The chair of the committee complained, I remember one day, she made an amendment vote in speed while people had not arrived. There was a bad atmosphere because of that. “

This is the first step taken by the majority against the group of MPs who abstained on several important texts in recent months. Several elected officials, followers of head of state, called the sanctions of their vows since September, considering that the clarification of the line the government should continue within the group in the Assembly and the party.

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