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The story of the amazing, true-false arrest of three jihadists … – The World

The story of the amazing, true-false arrest of three jihadists … – The World

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Tuesday, September 23, shortly after 13 pm, the announcement news channel iTélé the arrest on the tarmac of Orly and placement in custody in Local Branch of Public Security (ISB) of three persons considered dangerous, expelled the same day by the Turkish authorities: Imad Djebali, a childhood friend of Mohamed Merah, sentenced in 2009 to four years in prison terrorism, Abdelouahed Baghdali husband of Souad Merah, sister of the killer scooter, and Gael Maurize, also known intelligence for his involvement in a jihadist industry.


anticipated by iTV announcement of their planned for several days questioning is immediately picked up by all the media streaming. She quickly prove false. After eight hours of silence, the official denial of the Ministry of Interior will only fall to 21 h 20 via a statement. Meanwhile, several media claim that the three men never left Istanbul. According to information from World , jihadists actually walked Tuesday afternoon freely in the streets of Marseille due to an incredible missed the Franco-Turkish police cooperation.

Monitored long by SID Imad Djebali Abdelouahed Baghdali and Gael Maurize had flown in February for Syria to join there ranks of the Islamic state. Disappointed, according to some members of their families, by the reality of the Syrian jihad, they decide to go in late August in the Turkish border police asking to be handed over to French authorities. After three weeks in administrative detention center for “infringements of stay ‘, the three men are sent Tuesday by the Turkish authorities to an airport in Istanbul, where they are supposed to take a flight to Paris.


Alas, the captain refuses to board the three jihadists, on the grounds that Turkish police have failed to make a necessary document their expulsion. Turkish police records three fighters on the next flight – to him, Marseille – without judging worth alerting the French authorities. On the tarmac at Orly, agents ISB are cooling their heels while waiting for their “taken”. Seeing it coming, the French authorities contact their counterparts of Istanbul, who inform them of the program change.

Meanwhile, Imad Djebali Abdelouahed Baghdali and Gael Maurize cleared customs from Marseille Provence Airport presenting their passports and are found wandering on the Canebiere, free as the air. “I had my client on the phone to 16 hours tells the World Imad Djebali lawyer, Pierre Dunac. It is in France , nobody came to arrest him, he does not understand what is happening, but is quite willing to explain if the authorities contact “. As soon as the information is reported, the anti-terrorism division of the Paris prosecutors issued an arrest warrant. Tuesday night, none of the three jihadists had made the move to go to the authorities.


The release of Place Beauvau fell in the evening, coyly insists on the responsibility of the Turkish authorities in this memorable fiasco: “The French services were informed by their Turkish counterparts of this change in flight after arrival on French soil three nationals deported “.

At the time of the exchange of information between Istanbul and Paris appears as an essential component of national security, the episode will leave traces. And raises disturbing questions about the ability of the Turkish authorities to manage the increasing influx of Europeans who cross the border every week to join the Syrian chaos. Of the 350 French fighting in Syria currently, almost all passed through the Turkish border. And among the 180 who returned to France in recent months, the overwhelming majority went through Turkey.


The three individuals who walk in Marseille are long-known intelligence. All three appear in the record of the chain of “Artigat”, named after a village in ariégeois which a group of young Islamists, mostly from cities Toulouse, formed in the 2000s a recruiting jihadist to Iraq, under the auspices of a Syrian-born French, Olivier Correl says “Emir white” .

This Jihadist thread was one first to be a trial in France in 2009 Djebali Imad, one of three jihadists sent to Marseille by Turkish authorities, was then sentenced to four years in prison for participating in an Iraqi jihadi group volunteer recruitment and financing of attacks in Iraq.


Some of the elements of the procedure in the sector have Artigat been paid to the “Merah” folder because of family ties between the two cases: the Salafi community farm was visited by Abdelkader and Souad Merah, the brother and sister of the killer of Toulouse, and several of its members have been in contact with Mohamed Merah during the year 2011 “This is a sleeper cell that has regenerated and is still active ,” says Ms. Samia Maktouf, counsel for the French soldier Imad Ibn Ziaten, the first victim of Mohamed Merah.

Evidence that the pathway sleeps with one eye, two of its members, Sabri Essid, half brother Mohamed Merah and Thomas Barnouin, a figure of French jihadism native of Albi as Maurize Gael, one of the expelled Tuesday, have also flown to Syria between February and March with several fellow Artigat.

These two individuals were sentenced to four to five years in prison after the trial in 2009 at the time they had been arrested by Syrian intelligence while they were preparing to join the war in Iraq, and returned to France. Within a few years, geopolitical alliances have changed. The motivations of jihadists from the start, they appear intact.


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