Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sarkozy accepts a primary right for 2017 – Corse-Matin

Sarkozy accepts a primary right for 2017 – Corse-Matin

Nicolas Sarkozy agreed on Thursday night to organize a primary right to the presidential election in 2017 in his first meeting since his return to politics, in which he sketched the outlines of a government program.

Before two thousand people gathered in a gymnasium in Lambeth (North), near Lille, and both outside, the former head of state, who last week announced his intention to run for president of the UMP in November 2012 that occurred as he immediately clarified his position on the 2016 presidential primary as his rivals on the right, the former prime Ministers Alain Juppe and François Fillon, suspected of wanting to retract.

“There will be a primary, that could in good faith doubt it otherwise?” a t he said, raising the ambiguity that had hitherto carefully maintained.

If elected at the head of the UMP party, he added, it s’ endeavor to “end the bickering, the ridiculous arguments that have ridiculed our political family in the past two years,” with a “large gathering”.

Too many staff

“We will need the experience and talent that is great Alain Juppe. We will need Francois Fillon with whom I worked for five years with full confidence, “ has he continued displaying his rule: ” You want a great place, you will work a lot. “ He sketched the broad outlines of his program to revive the economy and restore the credit policy.

” The number of employees will be reduced and it will take us probably accept for the state and for local governments that recruitment in the public service are not all subject to the rule’s status in life because it is no longer suited to the demands of the modern world “ Has -there explained to a room its cause.

“Working more»

For Nicolas Sarkozy, an unemployed will no longer receive benefits if they refuse to work and grant of RSA will be wrapped “the exercise of an activity in the service of the community,” . “We have to work more, the French can hear and can understand it” , he has pursued considering that “vacation, holidays and RTT” could not be, as now, the “ultimate goal” French. He attacked the unions ‘ that came out of their role as one man calling to vote for the Socialist candidate “ in 2012 and denounced foreigners who do not want to ‘ s ‘adapt’ to the French company. The former president has proposed to use the referendum, citing the examples of the reduction, he must, in the number of parliamentary and local government reform. It has however been cautious on gay marriage, a reform of the left that part of his electorate wants repeal, promising a debate.


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