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Air France denies withdrawal plan Transavia, negotiations will … – Le Parisien

Air France denies withdrawal plan Transavia, negotiations will … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.024432897567749 sec -> As confusion reigned Wednesday morning around the fate of the low cost subsidiary Transavia Europe, the renewed negotiations between the management of Air France and pilots on strike for ten days . In the afternoon, the management of Air France confirmed the resumption of talks with the unions “in order to achieve a speedy resolution,” claimed by the government.
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On Wednesday morning, the tenth day of a strike by Air France pilots who nailed to the ground by aircraft two, the Secretary of State Alain Vidal of Transportation announced the withdrawal of the project for Transavia in Europe. “The Transavia Europe project is abandoned by the management of Air France,” he had said on RMC bothering to clarify that “the project is suspended for three months.” And the Secretary of State, adding that in these conditions the pilots’ strike has no reason to be. However, Alain Vidal affirmed its support for the proposed development of Transavia France, which could “create 1,000 jobs, including 250 pilots.”

An announcement that the company quickly denied. “No change in the negotiations is no evidence that the project is removed. The proposal is to suspend the project (note. Transavia Europe) and open a broad dialogue, broad dialogue with the social partners by the end of the year, as suggested by management on Monday, “said his spokesman.

VIDEO. Alain Vidal on RMC says Transavia Europe is left

Unions call for negotiation

On several occasions, Alexandre Juniac, CEO of Air France-KLM, or Frederick GAGEY group, the boss of the company, reiterated that this project would be removed if this dialogue could not succeed. For Air France, the development of low cost is one of the conditions for its survival while the market must represent the next 25 years around 80% of air traffic in Europe.

The pilots union SNPL on strike since September 15, requested a negotiation meeting “today” Wednesday rather than “tomorrow and the day after tomorrow”, as originally proposed would have the direction of the company. “It seems to us too far,” said its president Jean-Louis Barber, saying it was “time to return to work.”

A request that the management of the airline immediately accepted. “The management of Air France confirmed the resumption of negotiations in order to reach a quick solution to the conflict,” said a spokesman for the Anglo-Dutch company without specifying when this might occur.

46% of flights operated Wednesday, 47% Thursday
At airports, the status quo is reflected again by the cancellation of half the flights. Air France plans to provide 46% of his people Wednesday, much like Tuesday (48%). Nationally, the strike rate is expected to decline to 52% after 65% Saturday and 57% Sunday, the company said. For the day Thursday, Air France plans to provide 47% of its flight schedule in view of a pilot strike rate estimated at 62%. She always recommends that customers who booked a flight from here to September 30, to postpone their trip or change their tickets without charge

Valls. “Finding a solution in the coming hours”

Meanwhile, Manuel Valls, Prime Minister found it necessary to “find a solution in the coming hours” to end the strike by pilots because, he said, ” Air France is in danger. ‘”The creation of Transavia in France must be maintained. If Transavia Europe should be preserved or abandoned, it must decide fast, “he launched on Wednesday at the Forum in positive economics organized by Jacques Attali.

VIDEO. Air France: Valls calls for a rapid end to the conflict

Part of Air France staff manifesto against drivers
Tuesday, the 9th day of the strike, Air France pilots took to the street, a first since the beginning of the movement. 200-300 pilots gathered outside the National Assembly. And on Wednesday, they are employees of the company who have expressed … against the strike. 500-600 Air France employees have thus gathered outside the headquarters of the airline at the airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. “Pilots at work! Not a strike, “chanted the protesters among them a member of the ground staff and ground handling, maintenance staff, technicians, commercial drivers and some of the company came, they said, in a” spontaneous movement “.
VIDEO. Air France strike: pilots on the street


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