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Senate to a tilting right Sunday? – La Depeche de Tahiti

Senate to a tilting right Sunday? – La Depeche de Tahiti

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The Senate should switch back right Sunday’s renewal of half the seats in the Upper Assembly, which would be the third electoral setback left this year after the local and European.
This is indeed the result of which is decisive for municipal elections: Senators are elected indirectly by an electoral college representing 95% of the municipalities. “The municipal is the first round of Senate,” they said in the Upper House.
Similarly, a senator National Front could for the first time he entered the Luxembourg Palace, after the success of the far-right party in March, particularly in the southeast. “A likely two possible,” predicted Vice President Florian Philippot party.
However, a Senate opposition consequences for the government would be minimal. In case of disagreement between the two chambers of a law, it’s still the Assembly has the final word. Things would only further complicated with a Senate that would use right all procedural tricks to delay the adoption of the texts which he would oppose.
However, the passage of Senate right midterm Hollande would be a bad political signal, especially when Nicolas Sarkozy launches for the 2017 presidential
A total of 348 senators 178 senators in half the departments will be renewed by a panel of 87,500 electors. Note that voting is compulsory.
A 179th seat is at stake, the centrist Jean Arthuis (Mayenne), who resigned after being elected to the European Parliament.

Six months after the beating of Municipal, “the climate has worsened,” Judge a heavyweight Socialist in the Senate. “In addition to the national situation, politicians are cooled by the territorial reform, the school timetables or declining financial resources of the communities.” Trierweiler and business Thévenoud, whose wife was the closest collaborator of outgoing Senate President Jean-Pierre Bel (PS), still sealed atmosphere.
The left won the Senate for the first in September 2011, qualified as “historic” before that of François Hollande for president eight months later victory.
With 177 senators, left – PS RDSE (mostly PRG), communists and environmentalists – had become the majority, an absolute majority is 175 seats. She was then elected to the board, the chair of the Senate Jean-Pierre Bel, at the expense of Gérard Larcher, President outgoing UMP. The right side holds the 168 senators, several seats vacant. It must therefore win seven seats to win the majority.
This year is renewed senators from departments including, in alphabetical order, where Ain and the Indre and the Lower Rhine in Yonne, those outside of the Ile-de-France and those of Guiana, Polynesia French, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, the Wallis and Futuna Islands, and in Mayenne.
Senators are elected by majority vote in two rounds in the departments that have one or two senators (59 senators in total), proportional elsewhere (119).
Jean Arthuis addition, several individuals take their bow Palais du Luxembourg: former Senate President Christian Poncelet, elected des Vosges, which ends a parliamentary career began in 1962, the former Minister of François Mitterrand, Chevènement, honorary president of the MRC and representative of Belfort, and former mayor of Rennes Edmond Hervé.
However, the former Minister Jacques Chirac Baroin, candidate in the Dawn, is guaranteed to enter it for the first time
Jean-Pierre Bel has announced his side that he renounced politics. Furthermore Gérard Larcher, former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin UMP, President Guillaume Didier PS group, the UMP Senator Philippe Marini and centrist Nathalie Goulet vying for the moment his estate. The election of Senate President will take place on October 1, the first act of office of the new senators.



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