Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Case of three jihadists: the reasons for missed – Europe 1

Case of three jihadists: the reasons for missed – Europe 1

Europe 1


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They have had the right to a free night. The three suspected jihadists French arrived in Marseille on Tuesday night unmolested after their expulsion from Turkey are now in custody. As they had entrusted the intention to Europe 1, the three men, including the brother and a childhood friend of Mohamed Merah, have made prisoners by visiting gendarmerie Caylar in Herault.

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Now that things are “back to normal”, comes the questions: How do these three men already convicted and stuck, have -they able to get through the cracks? The case, which by the admission of Manuel Valls “did not go as it should have been”, is actually the result of two consecutive hiccups

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When the Turks say nothing … The first is rooted in Turkey in the very process of deportation. The captain of the first plane to Orly, refused to transport the trio to France. The Turkish authorities are therefore their second flight in the process, but to Marseille. According to the Ministry of Interior, France was informed of this change far too late, when the aircraft has landed and the three men left the Marignane airport.

the French … see nothing. The second blunder is it 100% French. At a time when the three suspected jihadists go through border control, the CHEOPS system (hierarchical Traffic operational records in the secure police) that allows such access files of wanted persons, is under construction. In any case the claims of the police unions and this was confirmed by the Ministry of Defence. It would be in favor of this computer bug that the three men were able to return to France unmolested.

Cazeneuve request an administrative investigation. For his part, the Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve announced the opening of an administrative investigation to shed light on the conditions of the failure. He also announced that he would soon be in Turkey.

“This malfunction services between Turkish and French services deserves a thorough consultation takes place between the French and Turkish authorities in order that other such events do not occur, “he has said.


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