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Rainfall: Hérault on red alert flood in Montpellier – Le Figaro

Rainfall: Hérault on red alert flood in Montpellier – Le Figaro

VIDEO / PICTURES – diluviennent rains batter the region since Sunday night. The streets of Montpellier are flooded and emergency shelters were opened, especially for school children stranded. Five departments are also orange alert.

Languedoc-Roussillon faces great weather Monday. The Hérault was placed on red alert until Tuesday 10:00 for rainfall and flooding that hit this department since Sunday night. Between noon and 16h, it fell nearly 95 mm in the north of the department, according to Meteo Consult.

The level of vigilance red corresponds to the fact that France Weather “absolute vigilance is required, as hazards of exceptional intensity are planned. The public is invited to regularly keep abreast of developments and it is imperative to respect safety directives issued by public authorities’ A hotline has been set up in the Herault. 0811000634

• Five departments in orange alert

In addition Herault, five other departments were Monday orange alert for rain , floods and storms: Aude (11), the Pyrenees Orientales (66), Lozere (48), Gard (30) and Aveyron (12). Given the intensity of rainfall on the region, several rivers such Herault, Orb (34) and Ends (11) were placed in orange alert Vigicrues.

• Montpellier feet in water

On Monday afternoon, he fell ropes Montpellier (Hérault): 91 mm of water between 15h and 16h. According to the Weather Channel, the record of monthly rainfall in the city was allegedly beaten: he has fallen since the beginning of 340 mm, 293 mm against in September 2003

On Twitter, netizens have relayed pictures of flooded streets in Montpellier.

Lez river, which crosses the Hérault metropolis, was also placed on “red alert flood” and got out of bed, while the Orb and Hérault them were orange alert. “There is a direct and general safety of persons and property threat,” warned the prefecture.

Some, apparently, have even opted for the canoe.

In this picture, you can even see a swan paddling in the middle of an avenue. The city of Montpellier “recommends to all its residents to limit their movements.” A total of 59 municipalities in the Hérault are affected by these floods.

• Transport paralyzed in Herault

In the air, planes from London Gatwick, Leeds, Paris-Orly and Nantes, who were land at the airport of the city were diverted. Flights to Nantes and Paris-Orly airports were canceled, said the communication service from the airport. All trams and buses in Montpellier were stopped earlier this afternoon. In the early evening, they were gradually returned to service. According to the prefecture, 22 roads or highways, including the A750 up to Gignac in the direction Millau, Montpellier, were cut.

Finally, rail traffic was disrupted on the axis through Montpellier and some 1,800 people were stranded in railway stations in the evening. SNCF urged travelers to or from the Languedoc-Roussillon to delay their departure.

• Children forced to sleep in schools or town hall

The mayor of Montpellier announced it established an emergency room and had to open two shelters for child care. Students were also supported in the surrounding communities (as Baillargues) where school transport could not be restored, said in the evening the prefecture.

In high schools, the courses were interrupted in high schools but the students were not allowed out without their parents. A support has also been introduced.

In the department, many schools were evacuated and school transport delayed two hours, yet said the prefecture.

• What property damage

Hundreds of homes were without electricity in the evening, especially on Montpellier. According to BFM TV, quoting figures from the Red Cross, more than 1,000 people received Monday night for an emergency shelter. Asked about iTV in the early evening, the mayor Philippe Saurel said that there was “damage to property” and “no human casualties yet.”

The d & # XE9; Department of H & # XE9; rault red alert for rains and floods Five other XE9 d & #;. departments are orange alert.

The Department of Herault red alert for rains and floods. Five other departments are orange alert.

• Some streets flooded in the Aude, Pyrenees-Orientales less affected

Elsewhere, the departments of Aude (11) and Pyrenees-Orientales (66) were placed on orange alert until Tuesday 8am for precipitation. In the Aude, the prefecture said the rains had reached 80 to 100 mm in twelve hours and up to 160 mm in Villeneuve-les-Corbières. Some streets were flooded Sallèles-Aude and Narbonne, France 3 reported Languedoc-Roussillon. There was no overflow of rivers or major axes cut. Also in this department, firefighters identified late morning fifty interventions. New rainfall of up to 50/70 mm more were expected later in the day Monday and into the night of Monday to Tuesday.

In the Pyrenees-Orientales, in orange alert, the Firefighters reported significant waterfalls, including 115 mm in Rivesaltes. The water streams flowed normally, but they were placed in yellow alert Monday afternoon.

• Manuel Valls called for “vigilance”

Prime Minister Manuel Valls called Monday night for vigilance against the elements that would require up to 1,000 according Matignon fire during a night which is still announced as “difficult”. During the day already given warning Weather France led prefects to mobilize all services, including firefighters, military civil security, police and volunteers to deal with the consequences of these heavy rains . According to the Ministry of Interior, reinforcements firefighters, from services county fire and rescue in the Mediterranean and the national average (45 military and civilian security 3 helicopters) arc were sent to disaster areas or potentially vulnerable.

On 17 September, the region had suffered tragic floods generated by heavy rainfall (episode “Cevennes”). 6 victims were deplored and 73 municipalities were immediately classified as a state of disaster.


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