Friday, September 26, 2014

Henri Guaino: Sarkozy pledged in a very transaction … – Le Figaro

Henri Guaino: Sarkozy pledged in a very transaction … – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – Former featherweight candidate for the presidency of the UMP considers taking control of a party inconsistent with the stature of president under the Fifth Republic

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I’m not sure this is a good deal ” commented Henri Guaino invited LCI Friday morning. He who was one of the strongest proponents of a return to Nicolas Sarkozy’s dubious decision to engage in the battle of the Congress to take the presidency of the UMP. “ I think it’s an extraordinarily complicated operation ,” the deputy judge Yvelines

The old pen Sarkozy explained his views at the microphone Guillaume Durand.: “This is a bad idea (…) Symbolically a former president returns to the head of a party that is complicated to represent, it is not part of my representation of the presidential office of the What the Fifth Republic . It’s hard to mistake the exercise of presidential elections and the exercise of the campaign for the presidency of the UMP. In one case we talk to militants, and must rebuild a political identity for his political family. In the other case we speak French and citizens are combined. Doing both at the same time it’s complicated, “said the UMP.

In addition to the presidency of the UMP, Henri Guaino regrets that his champion is resigned to accept the principle of a primary to nominate the candidate of the right 2017 “Primary is his choice, but on the bottom I have always said that I remain very hostile to this principle.” “ After five years, which was an offense against the Fifth Republic, which was added to the primary as socialists, we put over without following institutions! Two days after the presidential arrival we start at the Elysee a new president “argues fervent Gaullist

A very relative enthusiasm which means still not disapproval.: “It does not mean I do not support him, I gave him my sponsorship. I have no reservations against him, “wants to reassure Henri Guaino. “I wanted him to succeed because France needs a strong and restructured opposition because it is true that the void since his departure has not been filled and the performance by the opposition was pathetic, “says the one.


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