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After the assassination of Hervé Gourdel Muslims’ mourning … – The World

After the assassination of Hervé Gourdel Muslims' mourning … – The World

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The representatives of Muslims in France were inhabited by mixed feelings after the beheading of Hervé Gourdel by the Algerian group Jund al-Khalifa, released Wednesday, Sept. 24. Revolt against crime on the one hand, and annoyance, even anger, against ‘instruction to condemn “ many feel the permanent object.

The condemnation of the murder first. As of Wednesday, the Supreme Council of Muslims of France (CFCM), the body that represents the Islam of France to the government, said he was “horrified” “this crime barbaric “. On Thursday, he called “Muslims and their friends” to gather outside the Great Mosque of Paris Friday after prayers to denounce “barbaric and bloody horror terrorists”

Organisations from various strands of Islam, affiliated or not CFCM, have also expressed their indignation, as they had already condemned, in early September, abuses jihadists the “Islamic State” (EI), in this case against Iraqi Christians. “Muslims in France and the world refuse to be associated in any way” this “vile murder” , said the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF)

Read the story. At St. Martin-Vésubie climbers, students, elected officials gathered in memory of Herve Gourdel

Rally of Muslims in France (RMF) condemned “this heinous crime” and the Union of mosques …


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