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The Bygmalion case, if you missed an episode – The World

The Bygmalion case, if you missed an episode – The World

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campaign Nicolas Sarkozy (here the rally at the Trocadero on May 1, 2012) exceeded the legal limit of € 18.5 million, according to the survey.

While Nicolas Sarkozy announced his return, the resurgence of the developments in the case Bygmalion could catch the former President of the Republic

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Back on the case of five questions.

1 . What Is the UMP accused

The UMP is accused of organizing a system of false invoices for campaign expenses of Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential election 2012 remain below the limit allowed by law

clear. part of the costs incurred by the campaign of Mr. Sarkozy was not resolved by his financial association, Association for funding Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign, as would have been the case. Bygmalion the undertaking providing the campaign, actually billed to the UMP, excuse the events more or less fictitious. The principle allowed the campaign Mr. Sarkozy not to exceed the amount of allowable expenses while receiving benefits (including the organization of meetings) improperly billed to the party.

Officially, instead of campaign rallies, so these are thematic conventions organized for the UMP that have been billed. Successive press revelations showed that they had a greatly exaggerated cost, sometimes fictitious, some of their members – all elected UMP – with no such recollection, told Release revealing the affair in May

This alleged financial arrangement did not prevent the defeat of Mr. Sarkozy. In addition, the Constitutional Council, affirming a decision of the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and financing of political life, found exceeding the limits allowed by the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy and elected in July 2013 not to allow the . reimbursement of expenses

But the “wise men” were far amounts revealed by the survey: 18 556 175,95 euros false invoices, according to the findings of the preliminary investigation which The World was able to understanding are . Is a campaign for a total cost of around € 41 million, well above the legal limit of € 22,509,000.

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2 . What Bygmalion

It is a subsidiary of Bygmalion, Event and Co. who organized the meetings of the candidate Sarkozy in 2012 and several conventions for the UMP

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The company Bygmalion has long been led by Bastien Millot, very close to Jean-Francois Cope – it is now run by Guy Alves, chief of staff Mr. Cope when the latter was budget minister (2005-2007), who gave him the entire communication of the party from the moment he took over in 2012.

Its turnover rose from nothing to € 20.1 million between 2010 and 2012 through the last presidential campaign

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3 . Who is involved?

The investigation of the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption and violations Financial and taxation has focused upon the role played by several leaders of the UMP.

Jerome Lavrilleux

was deputy campaign manager Nicolas Sarkozy and former chief of staff Jean-Francois Cope to the UMP. In May, in tears on television, he was first recognized financial “slippage” during the campaign.

“There were invoices submitted to the UMP that matched expenses incurred for the campaign, a way to ventilate account for these expenses, “, has he told investigators, according to information collected by The World . It was he who imposed Bygmalion the UMP for communication and, above all, who had proposed the fraudulent scheme, told investigators the Deputy Director of Event & amp; Co., Franck Attal:

“[early April], they tell me that the pace will accelerate further meetings but there has a financial problem related to limit campaign that will be completely overwhelmed. Jerome Lavrilleux then proposes to charge services relating to campaign rallies on UMP conventions. So he asked me to make false bills. I feel that all participants in the meeting are trapped. “

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William Lambert

This is the campaign manager of Nicolas Sarkozy. Reportedly, it was the “transmission belt” between the daily strategy meeting of the campaign and the UMP.

Jerome testifies Lavrilleux especially as MM. Lambert and Attal (boss Event & amp; Co.) explicitly told him “it was impossible to put all spending in the campaign accounts and should therefore allocate the excess expenditure on account UMP “.

Eric Cesari

Appointed Director General of the UMP 2008 after the departure of Nicolas Sarkozy, president of the party until 2007, to the Elysee, this very close to the former head of state was called “the eye of Moscow” or unambiguously “the eye of Sarkozy “

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According to Jerome Lavrilleux, questioned by investigators, it was he who organized the system:

“In late May 2012, (…) Eric Cesari and Fabienne Liadzé [then director Resource UMP] told me when it was impossible to put all spending in the campaign accounts and should therefore allocate the excess expenditure on account of the UMP. I can not tell you if it was the idea of ​​Mr. Cesari passed me or if the decision of a third party. “

At the heart of the case, there are also several leaders Bygmalion:

Franck Attal , the boss Event subsidiary Bygmalion and reflects the pressures and demands of the campaign staff: “I remember meeting in early April, the UMP, Fabienne Liadzé [director of resources UMP] , and Eric Jerome Lavrilleux Cesari [...]. And this is where they tell me that the pace of meetings will further accelerate but that there is a financial problem related to ceiling campaign that will be completely overwhelmed. Jerome Lavrilleux then proposes to charge services relating to campaign rallies on UMP conventions. So he asked me to make false bills. “

Matthew Fay , the accountant Bygmalion, said investigators have charged the UMP 35 conventions for about 000 300 each.

Guy Alves , cofounder of Bygmalion: “I am faced with a request for crossing the yellow line, that is to say, accepting false paperwork. My choice is either to accept these irregularities or by not being paid and therefore not being able myself to honor the payment of subcontractors. “

Here is a chart that shows the difference between official expenses and the actual cost of meetings, according to information published by Mediapart:

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4 . Nicolas Sarkozy could he not know?

The president candidate was likely to know the The existence of these false invoices. Several factors point in that direction:

  • A note from Pierre Godet, the accountant who signed the campaign accounts, addressed to Nicolas Sarkozy, April 26, 2012, five days after the first round. This note indicates that the estimated expenses incurred for the first lap (18.399 million euros) already exceed the authorized ceiling (16,851,000 euros).
  • A meeting between president candidate and Jean-Francois Cope, then head of the UMP. Evidenced by a text message from William Lambert Jerome Lavrilleux, already mentioned by Le Figaro , in which the first says to the second: “We do not have any money. JFC told the PR [President] “.

Jerome Lavrilleux says his side that he kept Nicolas Sarkozy and Jean-Francois Cope in the ignorance, “to avoid the predictable political consequences”

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5 . Who is at risk what?

The UMP is somewhat embarrassed. The preliminary investigation appears to eliminate the trail of personal enrichment or diversion from the “clan Cope”, but clearly indicates that this was to finance a presidential campaign whose budgets exploded authorized ceilings.

It also corroborates the explosion of spending the UMP in 2012, visible in its official statements.

The judicial investigation for “forgery and use of forgery, breach of trust and attempted fraud “could lead to other heads of prosecution, including that of electoral fraud, which can carry 3,750 euro fine and a year in prison.


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