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Outburst of Breton farmers – Echoes

Outburst of Breton farmers – Echoes

The UMP mayor of Morlaix Agnès Le Brun described Saturday as “peasant”, the movement of anger greengrocers who burned Friday night the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Agency agricultural town. Manuel Valls promises lawsuits

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Red Night in Britain. More than a hundred angry greengrocers burned last night the Tax Office and the MSA Morlaix (Finistère) causing significant damage.

In the early evening, the greengrocers angry, came to protest against the tax and administrative constraints facing them arrived with hundreds of tractors and trailers, according to the UMP mayor of Morlaix Agnès Le Brun. “ This is a peasant revolt, a revolt that starts at the bottom, completely unstructured, off-management relations. Unions are overwhelmed by the base “Has she told AFP.

They are first directed to the building of the MSA (MSA) on the outskirts of the town of Morlaix Saint-Martin-des-Champs. According to the PS mayor of this town François Hamon, at the scene around 1:30 am, while the protesters’ rampage inside , “said he said.

They were then set on fire using pallets and tires after spilled outside the building part of their cargo of unsold vegetables, potatoes and artichokes. “ The building was destroyed, the structure collapses inside,” he has said. “It is a sign of great distress to get there. Somehow, it’s scary , “said the mayor, noting that the building housing the MSA was built two years ago on his commune. The fire was extinguished MSA around 1:30 am (see video).

Degradation and destruction of public property

This is not a fit of rage, it is a cold anger , “added Mrs Le Brun. It is “ something that ripens for weeks, for months on a combination of events: the fall in consumption, overproduction, falling prices, the Russian embargo, payroll ever most damning, “ explained the elected while deploring the violence ” always against-productive . ” This movement of anger that is reminiscent of those red caps (see box), “ I explain, so everyone can do ” continued the one. With the burning of the tax office, “c is a state building ” that was targeted, “for the State to intervene ‘a- she added.

Valls promises prosecution

And the answer was quick. Saturday, Matignon promised lawsuits. “ Manuel Valls strongly condemns looting and destruction by fire last night in Morlaix two buildings allocated to public service, including the MSA, completely destroyed (…) . It is particularly shocking that firefighters were prevented from accomplishing their mission. Legal proceedings will be initiated against the perpetrators , “reads the statement.

While the government has already taken measures to support the agricultural sectors, nothing justifies the use of violent methods, which do not solve anything and weigh in primarily on taxpayers and insured , “he adds.

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