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Poll: Nicolas Sarkozy did not convince 55% of French – Le Parisien

Poll: Nicolas Sarkozy did not convince 55% of French – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.012717962265015 sec -> Presidential candidate of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy has sought to bring together the broader political family, in his first televised speech Sunday night on France 2 He wanted send to the French image of a peaceful man who “changed” two and a half years after his defeat in the presidential election.
<- hard dé e: 0.00041103363037109 sec -> The former head of state has still some way to go to regain

According to our survey Odoxa * for “Le Parisien” – “. Today in France “to be published Tuesday, far from appeasing, it raises more than ever the most extreme reactions. “Loved by the right, he is still hated by the left,” says Gaël Sliman, President Odoxa.

He convinced supporters of right

55% of the French have seen or heard of the television interview of Nicolas Sarkozy did not find convincing. 45% were satisfied. Nevertheless, in his camp, the reception has been positive with 73% of those on the right have found convincing. And it is right, especially with the UMP activists, will take place the first electoral test of Nicolas Sarkozy with the election of a president as head of the party on November 29. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority (90%) of those on the left have not adhered to the speech of the former head of state.

VIDEO. Editorial Parisien. Sarkozy has he changed?

The French do not believe in a reasoned by a real project to France


This is also the motivations of this return policy that the French have doubts: 67% of them think that if Nicolas Sarkozy returns to the front of the stage, it’s more of a taste of revenge because he would have a real project for France. Even on the right, 41% of supporters see this return a desire for revenge. They are 93% think the left

The result returned is mostly not considered as a good thing by the French. 54% against 45%. Once again, the left-right divide is strong: 73% of the people on the right sees a good thing, 87% of leftist friends thought otherwise.

The weight of business

A majority of French (55%) still think the current business will prevent him to enter the race to 2017 presidential But 66% of those on the right believe that the UMP can still submit Nicolas Sarkozy as a candidate. They are only 17% think among supporters of the left.

For the three quarters of French, Sarkozy has not changed

From 2012 “I have taken the necessary step back to analyze the course of my term, drawing lessons,” it said Friday the former president on his Facebook page formalizing his return. He has not convinced. According to our survey, 74% of French (against 26%) believe it has “not changed.” Even a majority of supporters of the right (54%) think.

Tried dynamic and courageous

A missed return? Nothing is less certain. If his personality is still not appreciated, “his qualities of courage and dynamism are particularly welcomed as they appear is not present in the current president,” notes Odoxa. According to French, Sarkozy is “dynamic” (83%), “brave” (68%) and “competent” (53%, but down 6 points after his televised speech).

 Odoxa interviewed by internet over 2000 French split into two separate samples. The first sample (1,002 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over). was interviewed prior to the announcements of the return of Nicolas Sarkozy Friday, September 19, the second sample (1,007 people) were interviewed Monday, Sept. 22, the day after his interview with the France 2 television news.


VIDEO. Sarkozy saw the return of Neuilly: “We found our emperor”


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