Sunday, September 28, 2014

LIVE: The 2014 Senate elections – Le Figaro

LIVE: The 2014 Senate elections – Le Figaro

The first results are bad for the left, who lost several seats, especially in Corrèze, the stronghold of François Hollande. The first results are for the first round in the departments that elect only one or two senators and where voting takes place by majority vote.

o Corrèze , the PS loses at least one of the two seats it held. The mayor of Tulle and close to Holland, Bernard Combes, is the second round.

o Belfort including incumbent, former Minister François Mitterrand Chevènement, did not run, it’s the UMP Cedric Perrin was elected.

o South Corsica , so far held by the radical left Nicolas Alfonsi who did not run either, it’s the UMP Jean-Jacques Panunzi, president of the council, which was elected on the overwhelming score of 86.4% of the vote.

o Haute-Saône , the PS lost two seats, one of which was held by the Vice President of the Law Commission who represented Jean-Pierre Michel. Both seats were won by the UMP Michel and Alain Joyandet Reason.


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