Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back to Nicolas Sarkozy: “‘I, President’ has been a long … –

Back to Nicolas Sarkozy: "'I, President' has been a long … –

Credit: France 2 (CD)

Nicolas Sarkozy answered questions Laurent Delahousse Sunday, September 21, 2014 on “France 2″

to Aymeric Parthonnaud, With AFP, Romain Renner

On the set of 20 hours 2 France, Nicolas Sarkozy returned on anaphora famous Francois Hollande in their debate between the two rounds and has delivered its judgment on the first half of the term of his successor: Moi, President is a long litany of lies. “

Conversely, the former president of the Republic insists it “did not lie” during the 2012 presidential campaign “I tried to tell the French the truth, he insists. I want to create the conditions of alternation (…) The ideas are out of breath and left / right cleavage like an old carpet three centuries. “

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