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Senate defeat Raffarin, “a hard blow for Sarkozy”? – The World

Senate defeat Raffarin, "a hard blow for Sarkozy"? – The World

Gerard Larcher, September 21, 2008 at the Senate in Paris.

M . Larcher has indeed won the primary Tuesday organized by the UMP to nominate its candidate. And in the first round, with 80 votes against 56 votes for Jean-Pierre Raffarin and 7 Philippe Marini, President of the Finance Committee. Good loser, the latter is “delighted” the success of Gérard Larcher, who “has an intimate knowledge of the Senate.”

Now with 150 senators (190 counting the centrists) against 156 for the left and 2 for the FN, the UMP is guaranteed to win the presidency, whose election will be held Wednesday at 3:00 p.m., in the plenary.

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M. However Larcher will face other candidates in Wednesday’s vote: Didier Guillaume, President of the Socialist Group, François Zocchetto, President of UDI-UC group, Jean-Vincent Place, president of environmentalists and Eliane Assassi, the only woman candidate, President Communist group.


Gérard Larcher the filloniste has defeated Jean-Pierre Raffarin, non-aligned Sarkozy trend. A victory that foreshadowed the outcome of the battle Sarkozy-Fillon for candidacy in the presidential election of 2017? “It’s a blow to Sarkozy” , analyzes the Socialist senator Jean-Pierre Caffet (PS)

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“There are false friends who did him no favors by making it appear as close to Nicolas Sarkozy “, also felt Bruno Retailleau, presidential candidate of the UMP.

” The Senate This is the Senate. Selecting a candidate for the board, not the President of the Republic, “, summarized Mr. Marini who support Mr. Sarkozy, ” It was brainwashing people that were circulating who have done a disservice to Jean-Pierre Raffarin “.

M. Larcher has meanwhile decided to cut off debate by asserting that “that’s not the point. All those who wanted to transfer it on this election were wrong. The Senate is autonomous. “


Face Divisions shaking his political family, Mr. Larcher also wanted to pose as convener: “This victory is also a requirement, that of collecting. (…) I also carry the ideas of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, I wear ideas Philippe Marini. “

A rally also addressed the centrists, who made a breakthrough Sunday at the renewal of half of the Senate, who has switched back to the right after three years left. When asked about their decision to also nominate a candidate for the presidency of the Senate, Mr. Larcher said the “respect” .

The Senate president is considered the second character the Republic. It accounts for as interim head of state in case of vacancy or impediment.


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