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Death of Danièle Breem pioneer of political journalism at the … –

Death of Danièle Breem pioneer of political journalism at the … –

DEATH – Dead at the age of 93, this reporter had brought cameras to the National Assembly …

A pioneer of women in television journalists, Danièle breem, who has died at the age of 93, had come in the wake of May 68, the television cameras in the National Assembly. Born February 17, 1921 in Drôme, it must interrupt his studies during the Occupation. She then worked for four years as a teacher in the Sarthe, but already dreaming of becoming a journalist. She entered as a trainee Maine Libre and in Paris the newspaper The Country . In 1955 she joined the ORTF and, much later, Antenne 2 and France 2, where it will include deputy editor.

She only joined briefly as one party, the Radical Party, “Because the light was too many people right and left. As soon as we started to play there, I left. “She was press secretary of several presidents of the Council of the Fourth Republic, and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing when he was finance minister.

“After eight days, he asked you to come back”

Officer of the Legion of Honor, Danièle Breem had celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009 in the Association of Journalists MPs, while in the same year, the then President of the Assembly, Bernard Accoyer (UMP), had presented the medal of the Assembly. He recalled Achille Peretti, president of the Assembly from 1969 to 1973, did not want cameras to four columns, the room where intersect politicians and journalists. “This is bitten fingers, he added that since this is so, have you decided there will be no pictures at all. After eight days, he asked you to come back. With the cameras. “

” Best ear of Parliament, “according to Philippe Séguin

Long after his retirement, this little blonde lady, slightly stooped, sometimes with simple slippers, paced Always corridors of the Palais Bourbon, on the lookout for last echoes of politics. That the former minister and chairman of the Assembly Philippe Séguin described as “better ear of Parliament” interpellait ministers, deputies, assistants, journalists, directors and agents, who always answered his questions.

” For television, she helped popularize parliamentary debates and their representatives to inform our fellow citizens. Four columns of the hall was through his determination, open to the cameras, “in a statement welcomed the President of the Assembly, Claude Bartolone (PS). “On my behalf and on behalf of members, I extend my condolences to his family, his family and all of his colleagues,” said he added.

On Twitter, journalists and politicians paid tribute to him:

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