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Sarkozy rally in Lambeth: “It’s back to the future! “- The World

Sarkozy rally in Lambeth: "It's back to the future! "- The World

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While many believe that the former president of the Republic “has not changed” , another debate has emerged: what Nicolas Sarkozy Has it recovered? That of the 2007 presidential election or the 2012 campaign? ? And what political line will he follow

For the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis , there is no doubt Mr Sarkozy “confirmed and signed on its line of 2012″ “The former president, who is the demolition of a sacrament Francois Hollande, has outlined a program of struggle against our social model. Officials, unemployment, immigration, you name it. Nicolas Sarkozy revives all the cliches of the hard right. You end up wondering why the program was not applied during his five years. He chose his path: he persists and signs off the line in 2012, a policy that was rejected by the French. “

Same response from the Socialist deputy Yann Galut on the political line followed by Nicolas Sarkozy:

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Conversely, the spokesman of Mr. Sarkozy, Gerald Darmanin , prefers to see Sarkozy in 2014, the 2007 “Last night” (Thursday), at its first meeting, ‘he had accents “, said he and Mayor (UMP) Tourcoing (North). “We must return to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007″ , that is to say that which has returned the electorate, which tempted many people make the policy, which may have contributed to what many people réintéressent policy. “

M. Darmanin and opposes the line of the former adviser to Mr Sarkozy, Henri Guaino, that has been impetus Patrick Buisson in 2012.

A shared by Thierry Solère, UMP analysis of Hauts-de -Seine and close to Bruno Le Maire: “Part of his speech Lambeth covered the need for a national gathering. We find the Sarkozy of 2007, which was then imposed as a bulwark against the National Front by bringing together the right and the center. He applied to take distance with Sarkozy’s presidential campaign in 2012 and the Bush line. “


Gerald Darmanin is also satisfied with the statements of Mr. Sarkozy, favor exploitation of shale gas in France. “I am very pleased that the right is on the side of progress, energy, because we are not conservative and reactionary. “

” The precautionary principle is important, the principle of accountability is even more so, “ he says, in the words used Thursday Nicolas Sarkozy evening

This turnaround -. within his five-year, Parliament voted in July 2011 a bill prohibiting hydraulic fracturing – is synonymous with “regression” to the Green MP François de Rugy

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Former Secretary of State for Sports in the government of François Fillon, Chantal Jouanno , says Nicolas Sarkozy “challenges two core values ​​of ecology” (the fight against climate change and the precautionary principle) .

“Back to the Future”

Hervé Morin , his former minister and presidential candidate of the UDI is simple: “Nothing has changed since 2007 or 2012″ “It’s ‘Back to the Future’, to believe that everything changed for nothing changes. (…) The campaign themes, staging, nothing has changed since 2007 or 2012, and there is extraordinary contradictions. “

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