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VIDEO. Hérault: thousands of people stranded all night … – Le Parisien

VIDEO. Hérault: thousands of people stranded all night … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.0209801197052 sec -> The downpour lashed the southeast of France Monday causing major damage. Prime Minister Manuel Valls called Monday night for vigilance against weather in Herault, that would require up to 1000 according to Matignon fire during a night which is still announced as “difficult” with very heavy rain.
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In an interview with the mayor of Montpellier, Philippe Saurel, whose city is under water, Manuel Valls made “full support for him and assured him full mobilization of state resources, “said Matignon. The head of government “would like to also send a message of support to people, to people stranded in railway stations, as well as all state services are tonight at the maneuver,” said his cabinet. Prime Minister “very attentive” to the situation, “also wishes to call for vigilance for this night promises to be as difficult.”

Some 1,500 people were welcomed Monday night in shelters opened in Montpellier and its region. Moreover, one thousand secondary school students are forced to sleep in their establishment, 500 people are stranded at the airport in Montpellier and finally in 1500 travelers should spend the night in train stations between Nimes and Beziers.

According to Matignon interviewed 10:40 p.m., 600 firefighters have already been mobilized on site “and large reinforcements are expected in the night to get to 1000″, while heavy rains batter throughout the Hérault Monday placed red vigilance until Tuesday 10 hours, but also in the Gard.

Herault, particularly affected , a number Information for the public was set up by the authorities (0.811.000.634). More than 170 operations were performed by firefighters supported by three helicopters patrolling area.

In Montpellier, the Lez is out of bed and the city is under water. The inhabitants are called the greatest caution. Predict, a subsidiary of France Weather quoted by Midi Libre, spoke of a “very serious situation” that “has not occurred since at least 2003 on the great Liverpool.” The Departmental Delegate of France Weather predicted on France Bleu Hérault a “very difficult night in the east of the Hérault with very heavy rain.”

Hérault feet in the water

Air and rail transport were paralyzed by the weather. The SNCF network was severely disrupted. The Nîmes-Sète particular link was completely stopped in the middle of the afternoon. E

 Planes from London Gatwick, Leeds, Paris-Orly and Nantes, which had to land at the airport in the city were diverted and flights to Nantes and Paris-Orly airports were canceled. In total, around Montpellier, 32 axes were blocked, including access to the airport and neighboring towns to Palavas-les-Flots, Lattes and Mauguio.

Weather: red vigilance, Manual
red alert, the highest level of weather alert was triggered on Monday in the Herault face the risk of thunderstorms floods. It is established when damage “are very important to fear” on housing, parks, cultures, and massive forest plantations, or that there are risks “flash floods streams” with the possibility of power outages, and driving conditions very difficult.

Météo-France then advised to stay home and avoid travel in the department concerned, and especially in the mountains during a thunderstorm. If necessary move, a series of regulations apply. For rain-floods, Météo-France and recommends not to engage “in no case” on a submerged track and report their departure or destination to his family.

For the drivers, it is recommended to stop in a safe place. At home, avoid using the telephone and electrical appliances, store or secure objects sensitive to the effects of wind or susceptible to damage, and report any outbreak of fire. If the home is located in the floodplain, even rarely affected by the floods, it is advisable to take precautions to safeguard the property, make a reserve of drinking water, and to provide emergency lighting.


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