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Parental leave and premium probable victims of birth … – Les Echos

Parental leave and premium probable victims of birth … – Les Echos

The government will on Monday a budget “Safely” in heavy deficit. The baby bonus would be reduced, and the rights to parental leave, which would be reduced to eighteen months

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The family will be at the center of the proposed by the government in the “Safely” economies. The budget for 2015 Social Security will be unveiled by the Health Ministers Marisol Touraine and Budget Christian Eckert Monday afternoon after the meeting of the Commission on Social Security accounts that should fit the situation in 2014

The context? In the plan of 50 billion government savings by 2017, 21 concern social security. This should be based first on a control health insurance costs, up to $ 10 billion. Now we know that the plan to return accounts to balance in 2017 is compromised.

Low inflation penalizing

Car already in June, the commission announced a slightly degraded from the original forecast deficit (9.9 billion against 9.6 registered in the 2014 budget). He was reassessed at -9.8 billion for the general scheme in the amending budget this summer. And the aim is to -7.1 billion in 2015 (-8.9 with the Old Age Solidarity Fund.)

But low inflation has dampened hopes of bringing the ” hole Safely “under 10 billion this year. It weighs in effect on the financial statements by reducing revenues, offsetting some savings efforts and requires the government to find $ 2 billion in additional savings. “So we will revise the targets for reducing the deficit down (…) But it will be rather stable,” said a source familiar with the matter. “The return to equilibrium, initially set at 2017, obviously will be delayed by one or two years,” the source said.

Marisol Touraine battled with Bercy

Marisol Touraine seems to have struggled with Bercy to avoid that health alone bears the burden of additional savings. She partially succeeded, according to sources familiar with the matter, since the goal of health insurance expenditure (Ondam), which naturally increase due to the aging population and new diseases should be the same announced at 2.1% in 2015

Still, as “Les Echos” the announced September 8, areas where savings mainly family branch. First positions covered: parental leave and the baby bonus.

In the case of parental leave, this would align the rights associated with the birth of the second child in those first child: leave to one year instead of three maximum years. And reconcile the rights of mothers versus fathers in the name of equality … and economies. Le Parisien on Saturday evokes a period of one year and a half. “It would cut the middle by giving one and a half off for each parent. Officially, the name of the famous gender,” the Parisian. The key to this. Economy between 300 and 400 million euros

questioned, the firm Marisol Touraine had not responded Saturday

For the birth grant of 923 euros, paid in the seventh month of pregnancy, it would be greatly reduced from the second child.

Finally, in exceptional circumstances, the Government should again propose to freeze the family benefits in the amount of 360 million euros in 2015, after waiving write it in the amending 2014 budget for a legal reason. Faced with strong opposition from the Socialist deputies, the government should abandon the freezing of disability pensions / accidents initially planned for 200 million euros.

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