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The Senate has its secrets, here are 5 – Le Nouvel Observateur

The Senate has its secrets, here are 5 – Le Nouvel Observateur

The Senate has always cultivated the art of secrecy. Enthroned in the magnificent setting of the Luxembourg Gardens, the Upper House sometimes a few surprises. On the eve of Senate elections Sunday, Sept. 28, small selection (not exhaustive) of what senators would prefer that we keep away from the public.

Seats custom

This is a tradition scrupulously respected every time. When newly elected arrives at the Palais du Luxembourg, it is claiming its exact measurements. For him carve a suit? No, rather to make him a custom seat in the Chamber. And attention to odd: “Some senators have already complained of too narrow and uncomfortable seats,” recalls an employee of the Senate

For Health of the Republic

C ‘.! is one of the hidden treasures of the Senate: his cellar. But also one of the places where one crosses over the world. The place is popular with senators, their parliamentary associates and officials of the High Assembly. And understandably: the good bottles in the thousands at the lowest price

It is not uncommon, in fact – once after showing the cellar carefully places his badge stamped “Senate. “- to produce wines with popular – 30% and – 50% compared to the market rate. “Every Friday late afternoon, it’s a meeting place, slip a frequent visitor. Senators left and right regularly discuss tips to bring the best bottle in their district every week- end. “

” Hello, Mr. Senator? “

Much sought by his constituents, a senator must always be reachable. To do this, the Senate shall make available not less than five free fixed telephone lines.

you never know. As reported in “L’Express”, each elected also benefits from a budget of 5,000 euros over three years to acquire mobile phones and computers of choice.

A pampered garden

To maintain the beautiful garden of the Palais du Luxembourg, 75 officials are in daily two places at once so instead of keeping all its glory. And to the regular supply of plants and flowers, what better greenhouses pampered every day.

These greenhouses lush are particularly renowned for their famous collection, created in 1838, 10,000 pots of orchids. Total cost Botanic Park: 12 million euros per year

Advantages in small type

To study a bill, so see clear.. To do this, the Senate will reimburse two pairs of glasses a year to each senator. More effective than any mutual. But it’s not just the sight of the elect who is neat. To facilitate the movement of each Member, the High Assembly also offers them a free and unlimited to all SNCF network access. First please

Finally, if your Senator is sidérodromophobe – he has an uncontrollable fear of taking the train – no panic: the Senate he has 40 flights per year between Paris and its elected and six round trips to the French destination of choice land. Without custom seat this time.

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