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VIDEO. Sarkozy: the return of boxer – Le Parisien

VIDEO. Sarkozy: the return of boxer – Le Parisien

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It started well … In his first television appearance since his return to politics, Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to send to the French that the rejected there are two and a half years the image of a peaceful man, above the fray, who thought matured during his forced retirement. What he managed to do in the first minutes of his interview on France 2, playing the card of humility.
<- hard dé e: 0.040335893630981 sec -> In line with his speech of May 6, 2012 at the Mutuality, the evening of his defeat. “If I lost, it was my responsibility,” concedes he faces Laurent Delahousse, ensuring he has learned wisdom, took a step back. Asked the voice, he even confesses that she sometimes radicalized society. So much for the mea culpa. Indeed, the former president has not changed … “The anger, she left me,” he swears. Not sure.

It connects tackle on tackle on Francois Hollande

After the first moments, the boxer, as he described himself during the campaign soon back on the ring. With a target: Hollande, he repeats in private that he is “no,” “bad” and “low.” No, he does not want to argue or be “bickering” with him. “Our egos are stupid quarrels, our divisions are ridiculous,” he said … before moving tackle on tackle on his successor. “What is left of his long series of anaphora? “He begins by referring to the tirade” I, President “of the debate between the two rounds. “A long litany of lies! “He then accuses him of having” divided the French mounted against others as never “one. Having earned from Marine Le Pen: “She gave him a sacred hand! “To have put France on his knees:” Half a million more unemployed. “” Of course I want it to go after, “he concludes, the sudden tie askew. But he who says privately that the socialist president can not be his five-year end. Do not throw more

palpable tension on the issue of business

If he has decided to return to take control of the UMP, and ultimately if possible those of France, it is because of the anger and mistrust he says felt in the country. And not by ambition, he promises. “Did I say that France collapses, I stay at home, that I give people? “” I had no choice, “he justifies, posing as the action between” a depressing choice “, the PS, and” a choice of closure, “the FN.

It is on the issue of affairs that its tension is palpable. No, he did nothing wrong, he said, or he would not be back to politics. “Will you lend me two intelligence neurons? “Is he suddenly irritated.

For the rest, few concrete proposals, otherwise the idea of ​​consulting the French referendum, he had advocated during the campaign. Asked about the need for shock therapy to revive the economy, as suggested by François Fillon, Nicolas Sarkozy is surprised: “As if to trepanning people! “When asked about gay marriage, he kicked into touch without specifying whether or not this would reform. Also on taxes, the Fillon government has also increased. He waved a little irritated, the great crisis of 2008: “Are you so addicted to the daily news, or do you have a poor memory? “Changed, really?

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