Saturday, September 27, 2014

Over ten thousand Britons to Nantes to claim his attachment … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Over ten thousand Britons to Nantes to claim his attachment … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Nantes (AFP) – Between 13,000 and 30,000 supporters of linking the Loire-Atlantique in Brittany demonstrated for the “reunification” Saturday in Nantes, the largest mobilization since the start of the debate on territorial reform through government, to resume in a few weeks

led hundreds of bagpipe players, behind a banner proclaiming. “We are a nation”, the parade ended around 17:00 after a half hours manifestation good child.

“Make Nantes in Brittany that is obvious to me, both historically and economically and culturally,” explained sailor hat and pipe in mouth, Serge Whole, 57, professor of Breton in Paris, “father of Nantes.”

“It feels less Breton over the UK, we would like to recover this identity,” hopes for his part Loreleï Carahe, 21, a resident of Nantes.

Shortly before the start of the procession, the chairman of Britain Reunited, Jean-François Le Bihan, welcomed an “unprecedented mobilization”, claiming “more 30,000 people on the site, “cheered by the crowd in a sea of” gwenn ha of “black and white Breton flag.

The forces were measured at 13,000 the number of demonstrators mid afternoon

. “Democracy: UK 1 France 0″ proclaims one of the many placards brandished by protesters, referring to the referendum in Scotland on the issue of independence ,. “Fusion = disappearance”, “Reunification there is urgency,” “We Bretons, not west-ins”, “No to the great west, yes to reunification,” indicate other posters.

Behind the bagpipes, the protesters chanted “Naoned e Breizh”, “Nantes in Brittany” in Breton.

The singer Alan Stivell is there “to defend Britain will disappear” and is calling for the “new Celtic Tiger in Europe that Britain would” five departments if the Loire-Atlantique left the Pays-de-la-Loire to join her.

“People are increasingly mobilized and Brittany will be reunited, “said Christian Troadec Mayor DVG Carhaix and leader in red caps.

Many activists and signs brandished by the demonstrators refer to the Vichy regime, which took in 1941 a decree separating the Loire-Atlantique in Brittany, a provision reintroduced in 1960, during the creation of the Pays de la Loire, Loire-Atlantique with one hand and Britain on the other four departments.

– ‘She feels the block, Brittany?’ –

“Melt Britain in the Pays de la Loire”, one of the projects mentioned in the territorial reform, “dilute all Digital abolishes borders but (…) a real strong identity. is super useful when everything is going global, “says Christian Guillemot, co-founder of Ubisoft Digital Group, also came forward.

The return of Nantes and Loire-Atlantique in Brittany,” c is the natural slope of the story, “said the writer Yann Queffélec Breton. “As the Prime Minister claims strengthen the nation, regions … So what, she feels the block, Brittany?” Is he angry.

A free concert was planned in the evening after the dispersal of the demonstration.

Brittany met said it will invite people to bring Breton flags “gwenn ha” screens from October 1 until the end Parliamentary debate on territorial reform and ask elected officials to do the same on public monuments.

At the other end of France on Saturday, the Presidents of the Regional Council of Lorraine and four departments the region asked their Alsatian counterparts not to abandon the creation of a large region Alsace-Lorraine.

These positions came just days after the referendum in Scotland, the same day President Catalonia, Artur Mas, has called a referendum on November 9 on the independence of this rich region of northern Spain.


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