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Sarkozy converted to primary, officially … – Release

Sarkozy converted to primary, officially … – Release

On the first day of what he calls his modestly “long march” , Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to end, once and for all, with questions: he converted to principle of primary open to all supporters of the right and center to designate their champion in 2016 for the presidential election election. The two declared candidates, Alain Juppe and François Fillon, have repeatedly stated that any challenge to this principle is now ingrained in the statutes of the UMP would put the right to fire and sword. . With, the key, a serious risk of splitting

In his Lambeth, Sarkozy has unsheathed, to reassure an imperfect subjunctive look great: “There will Primary! Who could in good faith doubt it otherwise “ Pretending to be surprised that we can believe that he would seek to circumvent this competition, he completed the oath of a boast: “A do I forgot my temper?”

The reasons for doubt are nevertheless very real: at the beginning of 2013, Brice Hortefeux and sarkozystes had fought against the primaries. Minority in the committee to rewrite the constitution of the UMP, they suggested, unsuccessfully, a former head of state that wishes to be either exempt from this competition. This would all be forgotten. Juppe and Fillon would have nothing to fear. “Do not do this, an unnecessary quarrel. In due course, each of you will have to choose who he or she considers to be the best. Until then I call on everyone to get involved in the collective, team work and make a contribution to the building that we are rebuilding, “ Sarkozy insisted in Lambeth.

For it would be income “to assist in gathering” . Proof of his disinterestedness in his campaign for the presidency of the UMP, has even chosen as spokesperson young deputy mayor of Tourcoing Gerald Darmanin still officially supporting the candidacy of Xavier Bertrand to primary Sarkozy in 2016 party at the Elysee Bertrand? This baroque posture many laughs behind the scenes of the UMP.

It is however a straight face that Sarkozy has certified that “the question was not to choose who will or will not not in the next presidential election in two and a half years, but how to wear the baptismal font that vast open gathering, modern, pluralistic, united, that will restore hope to our people “. But Thursday night, in the North, it is at the Elysée that fans wanted to see their raging rock star

“There will be the primary”. ‘s commitment Lambeth has he convinced? “We have learned to be wary of Sarkozy vows. He said, too, that he would stop if the policy was defeated in 2012 “, a juppéiste confided Friday. As the mayor of Bordeaux, Fançois Fillon and Bruno Le Maire require specific guarantees on the organizational arrangements of the primary election to be the case all configurations of the right and center, not the only UMP . This will be the condition of participation in the “vast gathering” proposed to them. According to Mael de Calan, co-host of the box ideas, think tank of young UMP very advanced on the subject, “The best way to kill the primary is not to deal with” . To make it really unavoidable, it should be rapidly developed a specification that would require candidates for president of the UMP. “A primary election to 3 million voters, it’s more than a year of work. It will quickly consider setting up files, start discussions with relevant institutions, including the CNIL and the Audit Board and campaign financing from politics. “

What that it is said, Nicolas Sarkozy engages in a process that aims ultimately to obviate the primary. What is the point in 2016 an election to select the best candidate of the right and center, if Sarkozy had as he claims, succeed in building from 2015′s “great political formation of XXI th Century “, transcendent ‘left-right dividing lines” and has a “strong government project “? Undisputed leader of the “gathering” Sarkozy reiterated that he would “need” Alain Juppe François Fillon, Bruno Le Maire. Former collaborators and ministers “experienced” , see ‘talented’ , but surely not competitors. “Everyone has a stake, everyone has a role to the extent of his work in the service of the collective”, concluded, magnanimous, the speaker of Lambeth.

Ignoring precautions language of their great leader, several sarkozystes openly bury the primary. As is often the most zealous are recent converts. Thus Baroin do not hesitate to call the “Gaullist tradition” – that coincides with Chirac’s tradition – to support in Point “the head of party is best suited for the presidency “. As a result, he said, the election of the president of the UMP, November 29, ‘worth primary “:” If Juppe and Fillon think they have a chance of becoming president, they would have had to be present “ adds Baroin

The change of foot is spectacular. September 14, in the Sunday Journal , the mayor of Troyes ensured that “truth in 2014 may not be that 2017 will” and Juppe, Sarkozy and Fillon seemed to him all three “could represent us with a serious chance of winning in 2017 “. Two weeks later, Baroin no longer see that, Sarkozy, it will host next Thursday at Troyes for its second meeting.

Meanwhile, the historic sarkozyste Estrosi put foot in Wednesday morning on Radio Classique. If no one objected “primary principle” , the question arises as to whether they will be “useful” . Who knows but thanks to the ‘big bang’ that he intended to provoke the “modern rally around Sarkozy will make this primary will not be necessary” has continued Mayor of Nice. Masked in Lambeth, Sarkozy’s truth came out of the mouth of Estrosi.


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