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Back to Sarkozy: “The tiger is still being run in” – Le Nouvel Observateur

Back to Sarkozy: "The tiger is still being run in" – Le Nouvel Observateur

Nicolas Sarkozy announced his return to politics and run for the presidency of the UMP Friday, September 19. The former president continued his media blitz with an interview with “JDD” and an interview with the river 20 hours of France 2 Sunday, September 21. “C auserie parochial”? Update on reactions.

When asked to react on France Inter on Monday morning, Rama Yade, vice president of the Radical Party praised the power of the former president, it was “brilliant”. Asked about the absence of proposals on the merits of Nicolas Sarkozy – education, BCE … – it justified:

The tiger is still being run in “

” It did not say anything “

Corinne Narassiguin, spokesman Socialist Party ,” Nicolas Sarkozy is already today the opposite of what he promised there two days of false modesty that barely hides the arrogance, revenge and confrontation, it saturates the media space hoping the noise will forget business. It’s stronger than him. As Silvio Berlusconi, he can not escape his true nature. “

On RTL Monday morning, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, First Secretary of the Socialist Party, pointed the lack of proposals of former President , taclant: “To create enthusiasm, we need solutions and it certainly did not say anything” Cambadélis tip the return of “resentment” and “revenge” Besides.. “ Islamophobic sentiment in France has not escaped Nicolas Sarkozy and he tries to pet him “

The first secretary said he” sucked [ed] to discuss Nicolas Sarkozy face “

” A great exercise cathodic narcissism “

Left Party describes the interview as” a great exercise cathodic narcissism around of Nicolas Sarkozy , which has set the tone by saying that he will do “the same thing”, but this time in a different tone. Making the leap to a general amnesia of French, Sarkozy said unabashedly that he did “not lie”, while evoking the great mobilizations of 2010 who accused him – rightly – of he lied during his campaign on maintaining retirement at age 60.

“Nicolas Sarkozy concluded his speech by promising more referendums.’s Left Party recalls the difference between referendum that would give power to the people and the plebiscite designed to give more power to the President. since 2005 and the French vote NO to the European Constitutional Treaty, we know little consideration has Mr. Sarkozy for the people, “the left-wing party.

” Nicolas Sarkozy has not changed “

the side of the opposition, Hervé Mariton, himself a candidate the primary UMP , also criticized the intervention of Nicolas Sarkozy: “When Nicolas Sarkozy says that there is neither right nor left, it shocks me,” responded the member for the Drôme. And highlight the shortcomings of the ghost. “Internal problems of the UMP, Bygmalion the financial hole I thought Nicolas Sarkozy was still very light to say basically we did not lose that elections. should have been the first account of the presidential campaign is not released … “

President the Republic Standing , Nicolas Dupont-Aignan as found him after the publication of the televised speech of Nicolas Sarkozy as “the French will understand that Nicolas Sarkozy has not changed. Speaking more of him than of France, he refused to take lessons from its past failures. “

He kidnaps the UMP to quench his thirst for revenge against Francois Hollande. The former head of state is not in the urgent need for alternate felt in our country, “says Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

Guillaume Lacroix, general secretary of Radical Left Party Judge:

“The return of the former President of the Republic in public life to win the UMP resulted in a self-absorbed talk far removed from the expectations of the French. Without any alternative proposal without any vision for the future of France, Nicolas Sarkozy was erected Sunday night to give lessons he has not applied himself during his public life. “

” Obviously amnesiac 600 billion of additional debt and 28 billion euros in additional taxes of his five-year, Nicolas Sarkozy preferred the sterile criticism constructive debate, “considers the general secretary of the Radical Left Party.

” Nicolas Sarkozy should get a mirror and look at “

On the side of the National Front, the President Marine Le Pen party welcomed “clarification” after the intervention of Nicolas Sarkozy. “It is not that man there whose French need. It is not the policy line that the French need, “she felt the microphone of Bourdin on BFM TV.

Marine Le Pen also wanted to say that” Nicolas Sarkozy should get a mirror and look. He would see who is responsible for its failure. “

Sunday evening on” France 2 “, the former head of state pointed to the responsibility of Marine Le Pen in his defeat in the presidential election.” Mr. Valls was glad the hand of Madame Le Pen between the two rounds of presidential elections, when she called not to vote for me, “said Nicolas Sarkozy, adding that Marine Le Pen” can not be exempt from assessment of Mr. Holland, she gave him a sacred hand, “says” BFM TV. “

” Nicolas Sarkozy blames me for not calling to vote for him. But why would I do? “Retorted Marine Le Pen.


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