Monday, September 22, 2014

Primary UMP: Juppé promises a “bitter dispute” if Sarkozy’s … – Le Parisien

Primary UMP: Juppé promises a "bitter dispute" if Sarkozy's … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.014960050582886 sec -> The match for the next presidential has indeed started the UMP. Candidate “whatever happens” to the primary of the 2017 UMP, Alain Juppe warned Nicolas Sarkozy, if the latter, who wants to transform thoroughly the party decides to abandon the idea of ​​primaries.
<- hard dé e: 0.00025701522827148 sec -> It will be “a point of bitter conflict” warns already one of the founders of the UMP in an interview published Tuesday in the daily “Southwest.”

Convinced that the winner of this primary will be the next head of state, former prime minister and co-acting president of the movement, believes that “Nicolas Sarkozy will not make the primary alone, it will not work no. If the goal is to pass the 175,000 UMP activists, it’s not worth it, they will have done in December, “for the presidency of the UMP.

“The purpose of the primaries is to open our partners in the center so that there is only one candidate for president in 2017″ on the right. And to warn: “The division could lead to a second round between the Socialist candidate and Madame Le Pen.”

NKM reassures Juppe

Support Nicolas Sarkozy, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet also holds in the organization of primaries. UMP candidate for mayor of Paris, the former spokesman Nicolas Sarkozy has also itself subject to this election where activists are expected to nominate their candidate for the nomination of a candidate in a municipal election Paris.

“Primary will in no way challenged” assured on i-Tele MP UMP Essonne. “I also like the primaries, I demanded. I believe there is broad agreement on the issue of the primary. ” And predicted: “There will be a nice debate, I’m sure.”

“We really never changes”

When asked in the regional daily on television performance of Nicolas Sarkozy vowed Sunday to have changed, Alain Juppe suggested that “you never really changes. It may improve or deteriorate, it depends. I found with its strengths and weaknesses. “

VIDEO. Editorial Parisien. Sarkozy has he changed?

referring to his own campaign, the mayor of Bordeaux intends to “build support by desire and not by fear” while several tenors have already joined the former head of state. Preferred, according to surveys by the French Nicolas Sarkozy to defend the colors of the UMP in 2017, but not by UMP activists, Alain Juppe says still want to “associate the French” in its “through participatory platforms . “


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