Thursday, September 25, 2014

At Lambeth, Nicolas Sarkozy was looking towards the Elysee – La Voix du Nord

At Lambeth, Nicolas Sarkozy was looking towards the Elysee – La Voix du Nord

Whereas savior by nearly five thousand people, the former head of state was first faced a scrum of cameras to reach the podium. His intention was started in severity with a tribute to the French hostage killed in Algeria. It did not take long to detect in the speech of Nicolas Sarkozy a two-pronged objective: to chair the UMP and find the Elysee. “ This is a long walk we’ll start all .”

The former president has turned into a relentless prosecutor of the current power: “ The French experience the impression that at the top of the state, they are lost, stunned, incapable of any rebound, no prospects and no strategy … we expected the worst, at least from this point of view we have not been . disappointed


But the lessons of efficiency also go to the current UMP” There is an urgent need to end the bickering, the ridiculous arguments that have ridiculed our political family. “If it wants unifier citing Fillon Juppe, Wauquiez, Le Maire, the better to pose as boss “ printing mess has to stop the cacophony made us inaudible .”

Nicolas Sarkozy will not refuse the primaries. There regain accents 2007, “ abandon the old moons of the class struggle, witchcraft trials on gifts to the rich .”

The left and its “ egalitarianism ‘are not the only targets of the evening. “ I have no lessons to learn from Marine Le Pen, who in 2012 gave a nice boost to François Hollande, it bears a clear responsibility in the current disaster.

In addition to his return to the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy poses markup in alternating decidedly liberal agenda. Its objective is to return to growth of public spending cuts, increased working time, the end of “status for life” in the public service, the revision of the Schengen agreement on immigration reform welfare “ no unrequited RSA .” The getter Sarkozy distanced himself from the precautionary principle which dam in France exploitation of shale gas.

Finally, to reform, the former head of state evokes a device never used during his five years, the referendum. Practical work could start with two suggestions that virtually decide the French: reducing the number of MPs and the merger of general and regional councils. But that is not for now.

Outside the room, the words of one who has never really gone drinking

Activists piled at the entrance to the Salle Pierre-de-Coubertin. Abeline and Christine are quietly sitting in front of the giant screen of Jean-Louis Borloo-park. There is nothing to do but within an hour, Nicolas Sarkozy will appear behind the desk. They are soon joined by activists who were unable to enter the room. In total, they are “ between 4000 and 5000 ,” according to Daubresse.

Families with children in strollers, men in suits just left the office, school children and retirees mingle with activists with posters and t-shirts in the colors of their hero. From the outside, we hear activists of the room begin a Marseillaise and shout: “ Nicolas! Nicolas

Outside, the temperature rises to the appearance of reporters surrounding the former president. “ B ougez we see a little ” getting impatient girl. Nicolas Sarkozy began his speech. Inside, you can see crowd control; Outside, they listen religiously. Nicolas Sarkozy false entertains kids and in the crowd, a mother smiled “. He erased my fears ” For the activist of the Pas-de-Calais, “ is like s it never left Amélie Laroze


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