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In Nantes, more than ten thousand supporters of the “reunification of … – Le Parisien

In Nantes, more than ten thousand supporters of the "reunification of … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.018257141113281 sec -> For the third time since April, supporters of a “reunification of Brittany” protesting Saturday in Nantes. Several thousand protesters – between 13,000 and 30,000 – marched to demand the return of the Loire-Atlantique in Brittany.
<- hard dé e: 0.028362989425659 sec -> In the procession symbolic flags Breton black and white mingled with red caps and traditional round hats. Led by dozens of bagpipe players, behind a banner proclaiming: “We are a nation”

This is the largest mobilization since the start of the debate on territorial reform launched by the government.. The chairman of Britain Reunited, Jean-François Le Bihan, cheered by the crowd in a sea of ​​”gwenn ha of” black and white Breton flags welcomed an “unprecedented mobilization”. On the previous two meetings, 5500 and 8500 people marched according to police

Nantes. 10,000 Britons for unification with Britain

An important feature of forces mobilized

While previous events have not resulted in overflows, an important feature of the forces order was mobilized. In a friendly atmosphere, all ages, protesters peacefully invaded shortly before 3:00 p.m. the “place of Little Holland” in the center of Nantes, overflowing their affluence numerous stands pancakes and cider before listening to the organizers .

Among those present, singer Alan Stivell said he was there “to defend Britain will disappear” and called his wishes “new Celtic Tiger in Europe that Britain would” five departments if Loire-Atlantique left the Pays-de-la-Loire to reach Britain.

VIDEO. Nantes: monster mobilization for the reunification of Brittany

An historic opportunity to return to the partition of Britain

“It gives no difficulty unification of Normandy and the reunification of Brittany is denied: why this ancestral fear of a strong region,” railed Jean-François Le Bihan. For supporters of reunification, the government plans to territorial reform appears as a historic opportunity to return to the partition of Britain decided in 1941 by a decree of the Vichy regime, never questioned since by successive governments.

Artists and corporate bosses call for reunification

Many cultural associations called for the rally but also elected officials, business representatives or artist, Alan Stivell Gilles Servat. “In Britain, we have networks, highly trained young people, we lack a strong regional dynamic,” says Christian Guillemot, co-founder of Ubisoft digital group. The return of Nantes and Loire-Atlantique in Brittany, “is the natural slope of the story,” says the writer Yann Quéffelec Breton.

Coincidence? This Saturday, Artur Mas, President of Catalonia, has called a referendum on November 9 on the independence of this rich region of northern Spain. This event also comes just days after the referendum in Scotland.

VIDEO. Event in Nantes for the “reunification of Brittany” (April 19, 2014)


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