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Bygmalion four people in custody including former leader … – Le Parisien

Bygmalion four people in custody including former leader … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.021738052368164 sec -> Four people, including the former leader Bastien Millot, were arrested at their homes on Monday morning as part of the investigation into the case Bygmalion. They were placed in custody at the anti-corruption office of the Central Directorate of Judicial Police (CHRD), Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine).
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Three Paris financial judges were appointed to hear a criminal investigation for forgery and use of forgery, breach of trust and attempted fraud. Magistrates and police are investigating an alleged system of for the event subsidiary Bygmalion, Event and Co, unduly charge the UMP expenditures that would have gone into the campaign account of Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential election 2012, amounting to 10 to 11 million euros.

The Event boss and Co, Franck Attal, is one in custody, as well as Guy Alves, co-founder and accountant Bygmalion of society, specify these same sources.

On September 24, the newspaper “Le Monde” revealed the content of the hearing by the investigators of the former accountant of the company. Matthew Fay, heard on June 10, a fortnight after being fired, had told how he had faked accounts Bygmalion. According to him, this makeup was requested by the UMP itself. Matthew Fay had also assured to have acted at the request of Guy Alves and Bastien Millot, patterns Bygmalion and Franck Attal, of Event and Co., a subsidiary of Bygmalion.

Bygmalion charged would benefit the UMP in favor of the candidate’s campaign Sarkozy. This maneuver would have to exceed the amount of expenses authorized by law (fixed at 22.509 million euros for a candidate reaching the second round). That did not stop the campaign accounts of the former tenant of the Elysee be invalidated.

June 17, former chief of staff Jean-Francois Cope, Jerome Lavrilleux, was placed in custody for twelve hours in Bygmalion case. He was interrogated by investigators of the anti-corruption Judicial Police Office, as part of a preliminary investigation of the Paris prosecutor.

Jerome Lavrilleux recognized, May 26, live on television, as the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012 had resulted in a “skid number” of meetings. He explained that an occult system was put in place to avoid exceeding the maximum authorized spending of campaign expenses.

On September 24, the Board of Appeals of the UMP confirmed suspension of the party Jerome Lavrilleux, because of its role in Bygmalion case, and a special committee will soon consider its exclusion.

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