Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PS slingers sanctioned the meeting: “There will not silence us” – The Express

PS slingers sanctioned the meeting: "There will not silence us" – The Express

Bruno Le Roux , president of the PS group in the National Assembly has taken action against the socialist deputies slingers who did not vote confidence in Manuel Valls on September 16, reports The World Tuesday. Six of them have been excluded from the Committee on Social Affairs, where so they may not take part in discussions on the 2015 budget of the Social Security (PLFSS).

PS members are referred Christian Paul, Fanélie Carrey-Conte, Barbara Romagnano, Gerard and Linda Sebaoun Gourjade. The last member concerned, Jean-Marc Germain , had already announced his intention to leave the commission. There are 10 days, Christian Paul and Gerard Sebaoun had decided to hand them to leave their respective positions reporter illness insurance PLFSS party and spokesperson for the Socialist party insurance PLFSS disease. But without leaving the commission itself.

“A lonely and arbitrary decision” by Bruno Le Roux

The composition of committees fall within the scope of action of Bruno Le Roux, as Group President says the firm Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly, with a reporter from Point. “In all, Bruno Le Roux carried out 26 use change,” added besides The World.

“Meeting our collective rules [ ...] was a criterion of choice, “said Bruno Le Roux in an email sent Tuesday morning, reports Release . But this looks good to exfiltration a punishment for these PS MPs contesting for months economic government line. He rules a “climate of purging,” adds a slinger this reporter iTV.

“Sanction”, “purge” … When contacted by The Express, Christian Paul does not use those words, but still denounces “a solitary and arbitrary decision of the president of the group” who ” aimed at those who ardently defend the budgets of Social Security. ”

Replaced by deputies “more in line” with the executive …

In place of the six “exfiltrated”, the “chosen one now finds more in line with the position taken by the executive, “according to The World online. In his email, Bruno Le Roux evokes satisfaction “old applications” and “integration of newcomers” as the former ministers notes Release , mentioning Benoît Hamon Frédéric Cuvillier or Francois Lamy. Be a leader of the left wing of the PS, a minister who slammed the door and very close to Martine Aubry. Remains to be seen whether they will be more respectful of “collective rules” dear to Bruno Le Roux.

As for slingers punished, so everyone takes to the road with a new commission . Jean-Marc Germain for Foreign Affairs as previously announced, Barbara Romagnano Sustainable Development, Paul Christian Education-Culture, Fanélie Carrey-Conte Defense. Areas they love in some cases. In other subjects they know nothing about …

But these disciplinary musical chairs “are not the answer to the bottom”, warns Christian Paul. “This does not change our action” under the new Long live the Left movement, launched at the summer school of the PS in La Rochelle. In the Committee on Social Affairs or not, “what we stand for is useful to the country: we will not silence us.”


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