Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Holland: “If you do not hear screaming, is that we do … – The Express

Holland: "If you do not hear screaming, is that we do … – The Express

“There is no economy that is painless plane.” While pharmacists are on strike and beat the streets in several cities in France, the head of state has tried to sweeten the pill of reform of regulated professions but also measures reductions in family benefits.

Before an audience of patrons at the Elysee Palace on Tuesday as he handed the prize of creative audacity, Francois Hollande has reiterated the need to make savings. “That’s what we’ll do in 2015 and it is bound to have consequences,” he added. The budget forecasts a $ 21 billion plan to save the state, social security and local authorities.

In response to the movement of liberal professionals (pharmacists, bailiffs, notaries, doctors …), the French president has recognized, “If you do not hear screaming is that we do not d economy. So you see, you hear. ”

No economy “painless”

“There is no economy that is painless plane. Otherwise it would have already been done,” François Hollande has continued to justify the measures. “No industry can not accept to see a number of habits, sometimes its financing be questioned,” Has he said.

but stressed the need to make these savings “fairly, efficiently, innovatively.” And to recall the context: “In the five years prior I took responsibility, public debt increased by $ 600 billion, we are 2,000,000,000,000 So our role it must be to master the deficits..”

During the ceremony, the price of creative audacity went to the owner of the company (Raphael) Gorgé, specializing in robotics, especially in the area of ​​security.


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