Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bygmalion case: that Jerome Lavrilleux told police – The World

Bygmalion case: that Jerome Lavrilleux told police – The World

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Jerome Lavrilleux, April 24.

The World published excerpts of the hearings Jerome Lavrilleux, deputy director of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012, recorded June 17 by the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption and financial and tax offenses (OCLCIFF).

These documents show how, according to the account of Mr. Lavrilleux has taken the decision to support the Union for a popualire Movement (UMP) expenditure of the campaign team, in the form of false invoices, so it does not appear in the accounts of campaign capped by law at € 22,509,000. The expenses of the presidential campaign Sarkozy became out of control, reaching 41.5 million euros, calculated investigators, a figure revealed by Sept. 23 The World.

To understand the case: Bygmalion if you missed an episode


1 A faithful Cope , called “courtesy” in the campaign 2. 3 improvised campaign Lambert and Liadzé the heart Finance 4 Relations between the UMP and Bygmalion 5 Benefits of Event & amp; Co. during the campaign 6 The establishment of double billing The figures quoted Jerome Lavrilleux: chief of staff Jean-Francois Cope, deputy campaign manager, Fabienne Liadzé: Director of resources within UMP in charge of the general resources of the party; during the campaign, she was responsible for finance division and therefore management fina …


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