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What to remember senatorial – The World

What to remember senatorial – The World

According counts of World :

  • The UMP won 23 seats and lost 11 The group has 145 seats in the Senate
  • UDI won 8 seats and lost 2 (38 seats)
  • The Socialist Party won 8 seats but lost 24 (112 seats)
  • RDSE group lost 7 seats (12 seats)
  • PCF lost 3 seats (18 seats)
  • EELV remains stable with 10 seats.

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The results of the senatorial elections of 28 September 2014

The National Front hoped to enter Senate. He had particular candidates in the south-east of France. The mayor of Fréjus (Var), David Rachline, and the mayor of 7 th area of ​​Marseille, Stephane Ravier, became the first senators of the FN V th Republic.

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A first for the party, which brings In addition, the youngest senator in the history of the V th Republic Stephane Ravier, aged 26. In the Bouches-du-Rhone, where eight seats were up for election, the National Front list wins a seat with 12.4% of the vote, ahead of the Socialist Party – which loses three seats – (9.7%) while the list Left led by the incumbent senator – PS dissident and President of the General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône – Jean-Noel Guerini, gets three seats (30.1% of the vote). Right, the UMP list led by Jean-Claude Gaudin retains its three seats (38.4%).

In the Var, the FN David Rachline gets a seat with nearly 19% of the votes of the great voters. Facing him, the UMP list headed by the mayor of Toulon Hubert Falco loses one of its three seats (50.76%) and socialist Pierre-Yves Collombat is re-elected with 20.79% of votes.

  • notable defeats left

Having seized in 2011, for the first time in the history of the V th Republic, Luxembourg Palace, left bowed Sunday, September 28. “It is only the mechanical effect of the results of the municipal elections” , says the leader of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis.

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Haute-Garonne , the left lost two of its four seats. The right and center postpone

5. As Tarn-et-Garonne , the president of the council and president of the Radical Left Party, Jean-Michel Baylet, yields his seat. Mr. Senator Baylet was continuously since 1995 had been between 1986 and 1988 This personal defeat illustrates the tensions that exist within the PRG

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Bouches-du-Rhône , the left lost a senator in favor of FN Stephane Ravier. However circonsription sees the re-election of Samia Ghali PS and the UMP mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin candidate

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Bernard Combes, mayor of Tulle, advisor at the Elysee Palace and close to Françaois fought in Holland Corrèze .

  • The battle for perch

After the results of the senatorial elections, other battles begin: the Presidency of the Palais du Luxembourg and those presidencies and group commissions. Hardly known Sunday night results, negotiations began. Then, Tuesday, Sept. 30, a primary will be held within the UMP to designate the right-wing candidate in the Senate before a formal vote at a public meeting Wednesday 1 st October from 15 hours. The next day will be elected chairmen of parliamentary groups and then the following week, the Vice-Presidents, Questors and chairpersons

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Five candidates are declared to take to succeed President Jean-Pierre Bel (PS, Ariege) that are not currently represented. They are four right and one left (that is, the little fed hope left, the fact degarder most …). Within the UMP, we find the same three candidates during the elections of 2008: Gerard Larcher (Yvelines), Jean-Pierre Raffarin (Vienna) and Philippe Marini (Oise)

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