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The 20 questions that Sarkozy did not respond – Slate.fr

The 20 questions that Sarkozy did not respond – Slate.fr

With a talented speaker of Nicolas Sarkozy, do not dwell on the answers, we must also look at all the questions he did not answer. . Between two humiliations Laurent Delahousse

Failing to place a program that still seems vague, Nicolas Sarkozy was Sunday, September 21 a solemn promise before Laurent Delahousse:


“I’ll answer all your questions.”



This first campaign promise was immediately betrayed

I did the countdown.’s 45 questions (or raises) posed by Delahousse Laurent, Nicolas Sarkozy has answered only 25 questions. That leaves 20 unanswered questions.

Having swept in advance the question of a possible early Alzheimer’s (“ Will you lend me two neurons in my head ” ), the former president was so aware of what he was doing. Here, in order, the 20 questions left unanswered by Nicolas Sarkozy.


What mistakes have you made [during your five-year]


You have asked whether the French were eager to see you at the heart of political life


Is the French you waiting for? They have doubts. You look at the polls?


• Perhaps the French are longer believe in you


Do not stir you in this French anger


• Do you think that other cases will emerge in the coming months?


When you write “a desperate spectacle” [in your post on Facebook], you talk about the balance of François Hollande?


Do you assume some responsibility [on the state of the country]? Do you got the results you wanted?


[You raise a half million more unemployed under President François Hollande] At the end of your five-year period, there were 750,000 unemployed more …


Your policy now would it really different from Manuel Valls? Had he not taken a step toward a form of social liberalism for you perhaps?


You speak of violence, anger. Specifically, what you fear? We are in a pre-insurrectional climate today?


This could lead to what? France is now in a climate that could turn to violence?


If you are here today is that maybe in the next few months, the idea of ​​one day becoming again a presidential candidate is in you


This is not a leader Alain Juppé? He could not embody the UMP


You’re talking men with Jean-Francois Cope


You can reassure Alain Juppe, there will be primaries?


Is Marine Le Pen would be access to power? Does it represent a danger to France


On what line [do you make your back]? Sarkozyism today is that of 2007 or 2012? It’s a past time period Patrick Buisson


You think the French are convinced by your words


Is it that if one day you come back to power, you will come back on marriage for all


36 months, it’ll be long


Sarkozy refuses to participate in “One day, one destiny”

From the beginning of the interview, stubbornly refusing to answer questions, Nicolas Sarkozy has disrupted the One day, a fate psychologizing offered him Laurent Delahousse focused around the wound of 2012 and the French who would have dropped.

“Do the French you expect? “ ” The French are longer believe in you? “ and ” You do not stir you in anger the French? “ are gone unheeded, despite idly and penetrating gaze of the France 2 reporter

Laurent Delahousse returning to more political topics, Nicolas Sarkozy did not respond to more critical questions posed his return: his economic policy Will it differ from that of Manuel Valls? Will he turn his back on the Bush line? Will there be many primary right? He will repeal marriage for all if he comes to power?

As comfortable as Facebook

With a bit of rhetorical skill, a television ends up looking like a Facebook post. Nicolas Sarkozy dodges a question about two and quietly continues his speech, barely disturbed by the “troll” Laurent Delahousse. The contradiction appears only when it is stressed.

As on Facebook, it is perfectly possible to ignore the trolls, but it’s always more fun to humiliate them. Nicolas Sarkozy had fun with Laurent Delahousse, preferring discourse on journalistic qualities of the speaker rather than on its balance sheet.

Twice for not responding, former President Laurent criticized Delahousse the length of the question (a technique known as “tl; dr” to insiders):


“There are at least 5 questions in your question. Choose one, I’ll gladly answer. “ (There were actually two questions)



“Another 5 questions in one, but …” (There was this time 3 questions)


I am not your student and you’re not my teacher, Mr. Delahousse

Nicolas Sarkozy also criticized Laurent Delahousse ask closed questions, when he was asked whether or not he would return to marriage for all:


“So you tell me that” you have to answer yes or no? ” It is at school? “


Admittedly, Nicolas Sarkozy is not illegitimate to judge an interview, who constantly ask questions of the journalists, as on France Inter, during the presidential campaign in 2012:


“Do YES OR NO I have always defended the role of the ECB to support growth, including in the euro crisis? Bernard Guetta, you are an honest man, is that it was NOT a constant position of France, YES OR? “


Other well known to defuse the troll technique: challenging part of his question. When Laurent Delahousse asked if he had a discussion “men with Jean-Francois Cope” , Nicolas Sarkozy shows outraged by the machismo of his interlocutor:


“But what does it mean” men? “The virility of men?”


That’s a lot Laurent Delahousse laugh, even if he does not get his answer

Saved by Juppe and Fillon

Technical more subtle stop on a city name in the preamble of a question to say all the good he thinks this person, forgetting the passage to answer the question.

Nicolas Sarkozy used once with Bernadette Chirac. Then the tent, with even more in bad faith, with its two main rivals. Asked Laurent Delahousse:


“You are not going back to dub primary and give the possibility to Alain Juppe or François Fillon to stand. If you are here today is that maybe in the next few months, the idea of ​​one day becoming again a presidential candidate is in you “


Nicolas Sarkozy replied:


“First you cite two names: Alain Juppé and François Fillon. Alain Juppe, I knew when I was 20. It is a partner is a friend, a companion. “


ploy succeeded: Delahousse forgets his question and recovery of Alain Juppé. No luck: Nicolas Sarkozy will not answer either to the question on the nomination of the mayor of Bordeaux. Then he continues quietly:


“As for François Fillon, he was Prime Minister for 5 years, we have worked together five years. We worked without any clouds. “


Great art. Nicolas Sarkozy has definitely more than two neurons in the head.


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