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Bygmalion case: the role of Nicolas Sarkozy intrigue police – Le Parisien

Bygmalion case: the role of Nicolas Sarkozy intrigue police – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.017296075820923 sec -> Bygmalion The case is one of the court records in which the name of Nicolas Sarkozy appears. Sunday night, during his visit on the set of France 2, now the presidential candidate of the UMP has once again kicked into touch on fake invoices from this company to the party, ensuring that he knew nothing.
<- hard dé e: 0.00041389465332031 sec -> This occult system would enable coverage of major expenses of the 2012 presidential campaign of former head of state. “I learned the name of Bygmalion long after the presidential campaign,” he said.

The World, who said he had access to the results of the preliminary investigation by the police from March 5 to 27 June revealed Tuesday that investigators totaled the amount of false invoices to over 18.5 million and trying to determine exactly what knew the former president. Following these investigations, the prosecution requested the opening of a judicial investigation for “forgery and use of false”, “breach of trust” and “attempted fraud.”

“These false invoices were not made at the request of the UMP”

Bygmalion have summarized the benefits charged to the UMP in favor of the candidate’s campaign Sarkozy. This maneuver would have been used to exceed the amount of expenses authorized by law (fixed at 22.509 million euros for a candidate reaching the second round). That did not stop the campaign accounts of the former tenant of the Elysee be invalidated.

The World reported a record 13 pages of the owner of the Central fight against corruption and financial and tax offenses (OCLCIFF). “Society Event and Co. (a subsidiary of Bygmalion), in agreement with several leaders of the UMP, the party sent false invoices totaling 18,556,175, 95 euros TTC in 2012, referring to related benefits including conventions, while actual benefits consistent with the organization of meetings for the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, “it is written.

” These false invoices were not made at the request of the UMP, because of the inability to include the actual cost of these meetings in the campaign account of Nicolas Sarkozy, is it still provided. Participants in these events, officials Event and Co., the UMP and the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, seem inextricably linked to each other in the decision to establish these false invoices. Further investigations should be conducted. ” With one goal: to learn more about the role of former President of the Republic

A note and a disturbing SMS

The preliminary investigation. seems to provide an answer. Le Monde suggests a note of Pierre Godet, CPA, a signatory campaign account, dated April 26, 2012 “candidate Nicolas Sarkozy.” In it, he gives the figure estimated expenditure or incurred at the date of the first round, four days earlier: 18,399,000 euros. “This amount is higher than budgeted lately (16,243,000 euros) and the ceiling of expenditure required for the first round (16.851 million euros),” wrote Pierre Godet. According to him, “that overrun was primarily due to costs incurred for public meetings, especially those of Villepinte and the Place de la Concorde.”

the evening newspaper website also relays SMS Jerome Lavrilleux, right arm of Jean-Francois Cope, then party chairman, William Lambert, director of the presidential campaign. “JFC [Jean-Francois Cope] does not come to Clermont, he went last week. Rent and equip a second hall is a cost issue. We have no more money. JFC told the PR [president], “he wrote in the text message. Lavrilleux has yet always assured that Cope and Sarkozy were not aware of. He reiterated in his custody. This apparently did not really convinced investigators.

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