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Senate: highly politicized parliamentary reservations – Release

Senate: highly politicized parliamentary reservations – Release

Six months after the publication of parliamentary deputies reserves, are those of the 348 senators were revealed last Friday. This annual allocation allows parliamentarians, arbitrarily, to fund an organization or a community.

at the figures issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts, nearly 6,493 of grants that have distributed during the year 2013 for a total amount of € 53.7 million. This publication is some teeth gnashing as it takes place just days before the Senate elections taking place this Sunday.

Staffing for Madagascar or sculpture torque Gaulle

Irony Two of the three most generous senators are candidates … “Plateau”, the presidency of the Senate. In subsidies distributed to communities, the UMP Senator Philippe Marini Oise, presidential candidate, who is in first place. He offered more than 2 million distributed in 174 grants. For example, he gave 13,000 euros to the town of Mesnil-en-Thelle to install a heater in his church, € 15 000 to Mery-the-locker for the acquisition and restoration of a coffee or still 1500 euros for the construction of a playground near the bowling alley to Brunvillers la Motte. But half of its endowment (56%) was used to carry out projects in his town, at Compiegne.

With these parliamentary reservations, Senators may also be generous to the associations. Philippe Marini, for example, offered 15 000 euros for the development of archaeological research in Libya.

So the PS Sen. Claire-Lise Essonne Campion was able to award $ 15 000 to the association “House wisdom “to create classes for disabled children in Madagascar. The UMP of Pas-de-Calais Natacha Bouchart paid EUR 50,000 for a sculpture representing the husband Gaulle. Or the socialist senator from Paris, Bariza Khiari, which gave 20,000 euros for the implementation of a seminar on “The Republic proof of Islam.”

Jean Pierre Raffarin that has distributed 000 103

The second of this “ranking grants to public authorities” is Senator PS Finistère Marc Francis with 207 grants for € 2.06 million. However, it passes Philippe Marini if ​​subsidies to communities and associations are added. But this classification is misleading because the Socialist group means in each committee, two “coordinators” who care to send files award for their colleagues. François Marc holds this mission to the Finance Committee and member of the Socialist group. “I’m the one who signs the letters for the entire board” , he told Liberation. This explains his parliamentary reservation benefited twenty departments, not only his constituency.

Finally, the third in the ranking is the UMP Senator Gerard Larcher with a parliamentary reserve of EUR 1.7 million distributed to communities but nothing for the associations. He also is running for president of the Upper House when he had already held the post between 2008 and 2011.

The third candidate, former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, is far from the podium distributed by not having “only” 103,000 euros in subsidies.

A decided based reservation of parliamentary activity

Former Senators may even benefit from this parliamentary reservation. This is the case for example of the former senator from Val-de-Marne Jean-Jacques Jégou who was able to distribute 130,000 euros last year, when he was not re-elected in 2011 or Michel Charasse Also, a member of the Constitutional Council since 2010 and thus made a senator, who paid 79,000 euros.

Contacted by Libération, the Senate says “that these grants in 2013, but matching grants awarded under a previous year for which the deadline for completion of the project has led to delay the payment of credits. “

But the collective citizens Regards, that works for transparency in public life, also raised the case of two politicians who have never served in the Senate and have benefited from a parliamentary reservation. This is the case of Jean-Pierre Spilbauer Mayor Bry-sur-Marne, and Jean-Jacques de Peretti, mayor of Sarlat la Caneda. Regards for citizens, “the presence of Mr. Peretti is all the more surprising that it is now senatorial candidate.”

Despite appearances, the award However, these parliamentary reservations knows some (small) rules. Each parliamentary group receives between 130,000 and 150,000 euros by senators. The distribution of these parliamentary reservations is then based on parliamentary business Senator, attendance and work in committee. This explains the position, for example, Philippe Marini. As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, he was able to get a nice nest egg to redistribute

View the details of the reserves of all senators.

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