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2024 Olympics: the long march of Paris begins – The World

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Bernard Lapasset, president of the association Olympic Ambition, pre-candidacy committee at the Games 2024.

Two years from the election of the host city of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024, difficult to engage in anything other than ‘with uncertain conjectures. While Paris has formalized his candidacy Tuesday, June 23 at noon at the headquarters of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, there are still hands to shake and speeches to pronounce by the 130 th session International Olympic Committee (IOC). Set in the summer 2017 in the capital of Peru, Lima, this congress will be responsible for electing the future host city of the Games

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For now, Paris elbows three other cities already officially candidates: Boston, Rome and Hamburg. All three took the party to announce their nomination papers before the Paris bid. This quartet could soon be joined by Budapest, which will attempt to become the first city in Eastern Europe to host the Summer Games after those in Moscow in 1980. The capital of Hungary until September 15, the deadline for applications, to rule in the time.

To believe the consensus encouragement IOC all cities already have their candidates luck. Thomas Bach, the German President has already mentioned Paris as a “very candidacy, very strong” . Without forgetting to highlight the “potential” Boston Rome to present as a “good candidate” and prophesy “good chance” success to his compatriots Hamburg …

On paper, Paris has the advantage of already have most of the sports facilities, except the village and the Olympic pool , approached in Seine-Seine-Denis. The city was, indeed, time to prepare: for her, already three failures in almost as many decades in obtaining Games (1992, 2008 and 2012)

Boston for. its part, has been shortlisted by the US Olympic Committee from January 8 to the detriment of cities like Los Angeles or Dallas. Hamburg, meanwhile, was preferred in Berlin in March. As in Rome, the first candidate city, she officially launched the competition in December, 2014.

The next roadmap of all these cities, once their candidatures? On 8 January 2016, they will have to deliver to the International Olympic Committee a first application, accompanied by a state guarantee letters. This will be followed in April or May 2016, a first selection of Candidate Cities by the IOC Executive Board. Following this, the chosen cities will have until January 2017 to submit their final application files.

In this scenario, the IOC Evaluation Commission will conduct a tour of candidate cities still in the race between February and March 2017. Let a few months before the appointment of Lima. A congress, after which members of the international body based in Lausanne will elect the host city of the Games 2024. The end point of a two-year marathon.


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