Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Regional: Martine Aubry called in to help to counter … – Le Figaro

THE SCAN POLICY – Several MPs have published an open letter calling on the mayor of Lille to be a candidate in regional elections

<. p> If it is a surprise to anyone, Navy nomination Le Pen in regional elections in the North this morning has not least been a bombshell to the PS. Where some are concerned about the apparent fragility of the candidacy of first deputy chairman of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Pierre de Saintignon, facing those of Xavier Bertrand and the President of the FN. Especially since this close to Martine Aubry has not managed to convince environmentalists to line up behind him. “There is a real danger, one that Marine Le Pen to take the region. Martine Aubry should go it was his duty, “said Tuesday morning on RTL Ahmed, socialist activist in the Lille region. A sentiment shared by several elected socialist North and Picardy which could publish in the day an open letter to the mayor of Lille to invite him to engage in battle, RTL reported.

The prospect a Marine Le Pen victory seems in fact to be confirmed: according to an Opinion Way survey published Tuesday by Le Figaro , the president of FN made the first round racing ahead at 32%, far ahead Xavier Bertrand (26%). An advance that would turn into victory in the second round with no less than 37% five-point lead. The socialist candidate arrives far behind with only 18% of the votes in the first round, with a reserve of environmentalists voice evaluated around 8%. A common list of the left would only get 23%. These omens do not seem to doubt the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis invited RTL on Tuesday morning. The head of the rue de Solferino continues to support Stone Saintignon. “I’m not saying that a fight is lost until you have completed”, launched the deputy of Paris before considering one that was “designated by the militants” remains a “candidate quite effective and necessary” .

“She’s the only one that can exist between Le Pen and Xavier Bertrand”

On the side of the entourage the mayor of Lille, this new call not convinced, on the contrary even, it annoys. “There will be no Martine Aubry friends to sign this call. It is a destabilization operation at a time when the challenge is to gather all the left “Justice François Lamy, contacted by Scan. “She has already spoken on the subject: she wants to stay for mayor of Lille. She could not combine the two terms if it prevailed, “he notes. And former Minister for optimism: “We have a candidate, Pierre de Saintignon which is the only one not consider the election as a springboard. Our hope is to bring massively left in the first round, the PRG the Left Front. “

The application of regional Martine Aubry is claimed long ago by some socialist cadres. Manuel Valls himself has called for this option, which was seen as “a trap” in the entourage of the mayor of Lille, very upset at not having had a say in the merger of regions. Given the uncertainty of victory, the mayor of Lille finally decided to increase the candidature of one of his lieutenants.

When contacted by Scan, MP of Pas-de-Calais Guy Delcourt says his pessimism, while stating that not sign the open letter launched by his colleagues. “This is not the best tactic, myself I sent him a manifesto there several months. She already knows she is the only one that can exist between Le Pen and Xavier Bertrand. Snatching a win, Aubry was an opportunity to show that it is supported, loved the French, and put a stop to our long descent into hell. “

” We must not minimize the issues, “warns the elect. “The Nord-Pas-de-Calais is a temperature map that has national test for the left. If Le Pen wins the region is heading towards a new April 21, 2002 at the next presidential election. And Saintignon is a great activist, but there are other factors such as reputation index. Martine Aubry knows that the reason justifies the challenge, “wants to believe Guy Delcourt, who still hopes to move the lines.


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