Sunday, June 21, 2015

But where are the philosophy and history and geography of the new … – Liberation

Those who loupent for anything (celebrations of fathers and music included) daily reading of Official Journal have been a scare on Sunday . In the edition of 21 June, were published the new schedules of students for the beginning of September, to include the famous hours of moral and civic education provided in the rebuilding of the school of law of Vincent Peillon. But surprise: philosophy of the times and history and geography have disappeared from some series …

It lacks indeed two and half hours of history and geography first S Eight philosophy terminal L, and four philo ES.

“These are errors that will be corrected, there will be a new order as quickly as possible” , was quick to reassure Ministry of Education Sunday in a statement to AFP. On Twitter, the info was of course shot with small spikes-tweets, like the SNES-FSU, the first union of secondary school teachers:

In the late afternoon, the cabinet Najat Belkacem-Vallaud ensures Libération that made verification services of the ministry have nothing to do: “the text (the decree of June 12, Ed) that was transmitted by the ministry is not the same as that which has been posted on Légifrance. “


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