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Paris formalizes its bid for the 2024 Olympics but wait … – The World

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In the protocol, each symbol is important. To formalize its bid for the 2024 Olympics, Paris could very well choose the national holiday on 14 July. Awaited the favorable vote of the Council of Paris there are two months this fall ad on Tuesday, June 23 at noon at the headquarters of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (13 th arrondissement). She conveniently coincide with the World Day of Olympism

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If they want to have their say, however, Parisians will have to wait. Too dangerous to make them speak now? Too risky to weaken the folder in case of negative comments on the cost of the estimated budget of organization (€ 6.2 billion)? No doubt she wants Anne Hidalgo maximize his chances to avoid the three previous failures of the city in obtaining Games (1992, 2008 and 2012). The mayor of the capital planned to wait until 2016 to start once the application cohosh, a “extensive consultation” with the Parisians.

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It remains to define the details … The prudent Bernard Lapasset, chairman of the nomination committee and pre-charge International rugby federation, in any case excludes the prospect of a referendum. This Gaullist method has sometimes had, indeed, unfortunate consequences: a negative vote of Munich residents had forced the Bavarian city to withdraw from the race for the 2022 Winter Games

Despite this. mishap, the city of Boston has already announced that it would resort to a referendum next year. With Rome and Hamburg, the American city is competing against Paris in 2024. A joust that Budapest might add is, by 15 September, the deadline for the submission of applications.

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The International Olympic Committee will then have two years to refine his choice. The designation of the future host city will occur at a convention established in 2017 in Lima. And by then, without a referendum, Parisians can always console themselves with the profusion of polls that may befall them.




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