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The suspect of the attack in Isère sent a macabre selfie – The World

The key

  • explosion occurred the morning of Friday, June 26 in the chemical plant Air Products in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, in Isère. A vehicle entered the factory and then hit the gas cylinders.
  • A decapitated body was found on the gate of the factory in a “setting macabre scene” .
  • suspect, Yassin Salhi, was arrested . The man had been stuck in 2006, but the record was not renewed in 2008. His wife and sister were arrested.
  • The terrorism prosecutor took up the investigation.
Police officers near the Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, target of an attack.

Yassin Salhi, prime suspect for the attack against a factory in Isère and the beheading of his employer, sent a selfie with the head of the victim, said Saturday, June 27 sources familiar with the matter

Two photos were found in her phone, according to information from the World . a head the only victim, and a second Yassin Salhi posing with. These photos were taken prior to macabre scene on the company’s fence.

selfie was sent by the WhatsApp instant messaging application to a Canadian number. The location of the contact is however not established, this number can be a simple relay before rebounding to another destination. Investigators will seek to trace the route of this cliché to identify its addressee in France or abroad.

Canada is working with the French investigation to try to find the recipient’s selfie, said Saturday evening Jean-Christophe de le Rue, spokesman for the Canadian Minister of Public Safety. No details were given about the type of assistance provided, but the police powers can help to trace the calls, or locate a phone by its number. After two deadly attacks against military, including a spectacular before Parliament in Ottawa, Canada passed a controversial anti-terrorism law, which gives more resources to intelligence services

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In France, the first results of the autopsy, which took place Saturday, have failed to bring the expected clarification of the sequence of events. The autopsy was particular to verify that the body had been beheaded after the death of this man of 54, who was the patron of Yassin Salhi, used in its Rhone transport company since 2015.

traces of asphyxiation by strangulation and sticking were found, leaving imagine a struggle. But “forensic findings do not allow at this stage in the state of the examinations, to say when the victim died: after asphyxia after slaughter, or because of decapitation” , explained a source close to the matter told AFP, adding that further tests would be carried out.

In custody in the Lyon police station since Friday evening, suspect started talking to investigators Saturday night, said a source familiar with the matter. It had hitherto been silent.

Weapon dummy

According to the same source, the police seized from the father of three children, in Saint-Priest near Lyon, computer, tablet and mobile phone. But they found no explosives or radical propaganda material or weapons – outside two knives, one found at the plant, and a toy gun, a toy, suggesting Yassin could remove Sahli the entrepreneur under threat before killing him.

They have not found evidence to involve accomplices or establish how far he had prepared his act. “We do not know if it’s a fundamentalist who has lost it or if we are facing a real terrorist” , says a source close to the investigation. “The investigators are wondering if this is not just a criminal process. “ They also lack of evidence that the absences of Yassin Salhi correspond to trips abroad. The suspect must be transferred to the day Sunday in the offices of the anti-terrorist police near Paris

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