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Case unsolved. A “cold case” 30 years in Lyon – Ouest-France

This is certainly demanding that his mother and her lawyer, convinced that the body of the girl was buried there.

“My daughter did not run away” , insists Yolande Guyot, 77, convinced that in November 1982 his youngest daughter then aged 13 and a half years, placed at the City of childhood Bron (Rhône) was “kidnapped, raped, tortured and buried” in the cellar, walled since.

“I can not sleep at night,”

It cites as evidence confidences, at the time, a customer of this bar ladle one of the sisters of the disappeared, involving the owner of the establishment to the bad reputation, now retired.

With his new counsel, Ms. Ingrid Botella, the mother appealed after the refusal of the investigating judge in late 2014, to resume research partly carried out in 2009 in this cellar. The decision is expected on June 30

“This is my last chance, my last hope, I can not sleep at night,” sighs septuagenarian dug by the traits of multiple sorrows and has “eaten his savings in media and private detectives» .

A wall and a concrete slab

“We are in a pursuit of truth and the important thing is to lead the quest to the end for the mother “ adds Me Botella. A kind of compensation in a survey, she said, “badly treated departure” .

“If this woman is relieved because it breaks a wall and a concrete slab, do it and maybe we will have a surprise behind , justice has nothing to lose “, she asserts, while the general prosecution requested otherwise.

Nathalie Mazot disappeared Nov. 6, 1982 between Bron and St. Paul district of Lyon, where lived his sister Evelyn, 19, she loved and with whom she was to spend the weekend. The skirt she wore that day had been found in young women who had denied to the police for a time you receive it.

Her sister committed suicide two months later

Used briefly as a hostess in a night bar, Evelyne is committed suicide two months later from a bullet in the head, leaving a note asking forgiveness. But no explanation for Nathalie. The case remained there until the reopening of the investigation in late 2008.

Encouraged by the Association of Parents of child victims (APEV), Yolande Guyot then filed a complaint for “kidnapping” with civil party, leading to the opening of a judicial inquiry. Las! Meanwhile, the file had been destroyed.

The investigators of the judicial police then launched into a working ants, finding local residents ever heard at that time auditioning family and old friends of Nathalie unsuccessfully confronting the former tenant of the bar, frequented by two sisters, with the accuser client.

A tunnel two meters completed by a rubble wall

On two occasions in 2009, investigators took to The cave. They came across a tunnel two meters closed by a rubble wall, they have two holes of 15×15 cm to discover rubble. But they stopped there.

“Today’s interest to find a body is not only to give him a proper burial, but also to continue investigations” Me Botella argued, based on a judgment of the Supreme Court in November 2014 challenging the limitation period in a frozen baby case in Douai.

“Now, the limitation period does not depend on the commission of the act, but the discovery of the body” says-t it. She sees a boon that if we found the remains of Nathalie, would revive the survey, while the prosecution requested a dismissal in September.

Not necessarily, according to a judicial source who “the context of the two cases is very different” . “While the babies were secretly born and died in anonymity, everyone was aware of the disappearance of this young girl” , said the source, without “prejudge what Looks like the Supreme Court if there was a search and discovered that the bones “.

Nathalie: a Facebook support page

The disappearance of Nathalie, November 6, 1982, having never been elucidated, a support Facebook page was created in early June 2015 by five his friends at the time, in a final attempt to find her.


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