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NSA. The major American ears tuned presidents … – Ouest-France

The last three French presidents have been spied on by the United States, at least from 2006 to 2012, according to the WikiLeaks documents released Tuesday night, revelations that prompted Hollande to convene on Wednesday a Defence Council.

After the publication of these documents Tuesday by Mediapart and Libération Francois Hollande has called a Defense Council to 9:00 “assess the nature” the whistleblower’s information.

The White House, which had initially refused to comment this information, finally assured that the United States did not listen communications M . Netherlands.

“We do not target and we will not be targeting communications of President Hollande” , told AFP Ned Price, spokesman for the Security Council National (NSC), without elaborating on the operations that have been conducted in the past.

Listens Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande by the US intelligence agency NSA constitute them- same main information delivered by Mediapart and Libération .

hostile surveillance

“The French have the right to know the government they elected the subject of a hostile surveillance by a supposed ally “, ensures the site WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, recluse in the Embassy of Ecuador in London for three years .

“We are proud of the work that we conducted with leading French media, Liberation and Médiapart to make this information public. French readers can expect soon to other specific and important revelations “, he said.

Mr Sarkozy’s entourage said that the former president considered “these methods” Spy “unacceptable in general, and more particularly between allies” . The Chirac’s entourage did not wish to react “at this stage” .

secret Discussions on Greece

These documents, classified “Top-Secret” , including five reports consist of the agency of the NSA, based on “communication interception” . They were intended for the “intelligence community” and US officials of the NSA, according to Libération .

They come from an identified office as that of “Summary Services” , “service syntheses” . The document most recently on 22 May 2012, a few days after the inauguration of Mr. Holland. It reports of secret meetings to discuss a possible exit of Greece from the euro area.

“Holland is very worried about Greece ‘ writes the NSA, which also states that the head of state had found German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he had met in Berlin on the same day of his inauguration on May 15, 2012 “obsessed with ” Fiscal Compact “ especially in Greece it has dropped, he said, and will move more» .

Diplomatic Problems

Another revelation, President Hollande, after meeting Merkel, contacted the SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel and invited to Paris so they could talk. His then-Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, advises him to keep the event secret to avoid “diplomatic problems” , if the Chancellor were to learn that Paris met German opposition to its knowledge.

As for Mr. Sarkozy, the NSA said, after the financial crisis of 2008, that “believes that Washington now considers some of his advice” . “According to him, this is the first time that the United States did not act as leaders in the management of a global crisis and France will now take hold” , writes the NSA.

“Sarkozy sees himself as the only one to address the global financial crisis’ , also believes the US agency. She says Mr Sarkozy also plans to appeal to the Russian president at the time, Dimitri Medvedev, “a possible joint initiative” in the Middle East, but “without the US “.

Paris aware of American espionage

On 24 March 2010, the NSA forwards the report of a conversation between the ambassador of France to Washington, Pierre Vimont, and diplomatic adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace, Jean-David Levitte. The purpose:. The themes that the French president wants to address during its scheduled maintenance on March 31 with Barack Obama

“The exchange shows that Paris is well aware of the American espionage” writes Mediapart. Contacted by Mediapart, Levitte also did not declare “surprised” . “When I was ambassador to the UN and in Washington, then in my duties at the Elysee, both from Jacques Chirac to Nicolas Sarkozy that, I always assumed that I was listened . This goes with the function … Once we built this, it adapts its practices “, said the diplomat.

Finally, the NSA says how Jacques Chirac gave orders to Philippe Douste-Blazy (he had instructed to support the appointment of Norwegian Terje Roed-Larsen as UN Secretary General Assistant) showed that he perceived his foreign minister as having ” propensity (…) to make inaccurate statements and inappropriate “.

The former NSA consultant, Edward Snowden, had made revelations in 2013 on a broad system monitoring of telephone conversations and communication via the internet in Germany, to a mobile phone of the Chancellor for many years.


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