Friday, June 26, 2015

The barbarian attack scenario Isère – Le Figaro

Yassin Salhi beheaded his employer before attempting to blow up a factory of industrial gases.

The new terrorist attack which struck France, six months after the attacks in January, just one step further in horror. It shows staged appalling and medieval, unprecedented in the country and bears the seal of the Islamist barbarism. What both feared intelligence services, namely decapitation perpetrated on our soil, occurred on Friday in the Isere.

Yassin Salhi, delivery driver 35 years working for a transport company to region, presents 28 at 9 am at the wheel of his Peugeot Boxer in front of the factory of the US company Air Products, specializing in the production of industrial gases, and located in a sensitive site classified Seveso, Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, between Lyon and Bourgoin-Jallieu, close to Saint Exupery airport. Wearing a short trimmed beard recently, Yassin Salhi is stuck intelligence services. If showing an abrupt radicalization in contact with a virulent preacher originally from Pontarlier (Doubs) where he was born, the father of three children in 2006 is the subject of an S form (for “Safety of State “). Listed level 13 on a scale of vigilance up to 16, it was not renewed in 2008. The radical Islamist, who has no criminal record, however, was always followed because of its proximity with since 2013 the Salafist movement.

He unscrewed the gas cylinders before setting fire

As if making his regular marauding Islamist, experienced employees, the rings portal and committed his vehicle badged giving him permission to cross a first security perimeter. Salhi along a wall, suddenly accelerated and hit with full force the gates of a second more protected area. Wounded in the violence of the shock, as evidenced by fairly deep cuts on his face, he manages to get out of his car to visit a covered shed filled with flasks of liquid Air, gas and acetone it unscrews turn before setting it on fire. Alerted by a loud explosion and a small fire, a firefighter fire and rescue services of the Isère (SDIS) discovers the terrorist to 10 hours. With courage and coolness, he grabs Yassin Salhi, who resists. The firefighter belt and keeps the ground time of the arrival of reinforcements. Alerted a patrol dispatched to the provincial gendarmerie discovers, stunned, a decapitated head, tied with a string enclosure fence of the factory and framed by two large black and white banners bearing inscriptions Arabic, which will prove match the Shahada (Muslim profession of faith). To plumb the Peugeot Boxer partially destroyed by the blast of the explosion, lies a dismembered body. A knife was picked up nearby.

The victim, Hervé C., aged 54, is none other than the company’s commercial director ATC Transport where Yassin Salhi is employee since March. In all likelihood, the businessman was murdered and decapitated before Yassin Salhi enters the plant and triggered explosions. Two CCTV cameras filmed intermittently the driver who has previously placed the severed head of his employer before taking action. As if all of this had been equipped abject premeditated and scripted well in advance.

Four persons held in custody

Launched the hypothetical kits accomplices of the terrorist, the police anti-terrorism Branch (SDAT) and the Directorate General of Internal Security (ISB) conducted a series of operations. A total of four people were taken into custody. Besides Yassin Salhi, a suspect 33 years was particularly challenged by a platoon of surveillance and intervention of the gendarmerie (PSIG) in the morning after being spotted as he came and went in a van in front of ‘Air Products plant as if it were a recognition. This character especially interested investigators that his criminal record includes a history associated with terrorist-type threats.

In the middle of the afternoon, elite police raid led to the Saint -Priest a search of the home of the alleged torturer and the sister and wife of the latter were in turn placed in custody. “All services are mobilized to advance the investigation,” warned Bernard Cazeneuve, came quickly to the scene of the attack as jihadist was traveling before the 65th promotion of student police commissioners in Saint-Cyr-au -Mont-d’Or, in the outskirts of Lyon.

While a lively disgust mixed emotion has once again gripped the population, the combat commotion was triggered highest state summit. President Francois Hollande, who was attending an EU summit in Brussels was cut short come to chair a small board to 15 h 30 in the capital. The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, from South America, himself has ordered an “enhanced due diligence” on all sensitive sites in the Rhône-Alpes region also cut short before his trip. Vigipirate was hoisted at the threshold “maximum alert” throughout the region for three days. The controls will multiply in stations and around sensitive sites until Monday symbolic date of the first anniversary of the Islamic State.


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