Thursday, June 25, 2015

Continuation of the strike: conservative taxis – Le Figaro

Taxi unions seemed cautious Thursday about the continuation of the strike, after a day of mobilization glazed violence against mobile UberPOP and after the commitments of the government, but many drivers said they were determined to stay on the street.

“We advise drivers to break camp, for us the strike is lifted,” he told AFP Abdel Ghalfi, of the CFDT. “But some of the taxis are to remain Porte Maillot”, instead of western Paris they block since Thursday morning, he added in the late evening, without excluding new “isolated actions”.

“We do not call for new blockages tomorrow (Friday) morning,” Karim also said Asnoun, CGT. He said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who received the early evening Inter, “showed its determination to fight against UberPOP”. He “gave us an appointment in a week”, “we will look if it materializes. [...] But” if a large number of taxis want to continue, we will support, “said Karim Asnoun.

Nordine Dahmane FO also said that many drivers wanted to “sit there”, without expressing an appeal on behalf of his union.


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