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Death of Pasqua: heartfelt reactions right, sometimes acid but … – Le Point

saddened right, sometimes virulent acids but rarely left the many reactions to the death Monday of Charles Pasqua prolong the debates in his lifetime highs around the truculent personality and controversial former minister, Gaullist, entered very young resistance, member of SAC sulfur and sentenced in his old age to justice .

The funeral will take place in Paris, Friday at 10:00, during a Mass, celebrated probably the Invalides, if not in the Saint-Sulpice church, do we learned from the Senate. Former Senator will be buried Monday in the Grasse family vault (Alpes-Maritimes), where lies his only son, who died in February.

A tweet summarizes almost all reactions, that of Lionel Luca MP (The Republicans): “It is with a greedy smile Ch Pasqua will revel comments of a political class that has so hated …”

To say ill of the dead is a year to which no one folds easily, either out of respect, superstition or both. Especially in front of such a contrasting personality. At 16, in 1943, Charles Pasqua, known for his “rants” and outspoken, joined the Resistance. All his life he remained true to his ideal Gaullist but had trouble with justice dark Affairs (political financing, arms sales ….), which earned him several convictions.

President Francois Hollande “welcomed the memory of a Gaullist who was twice Minister of the Interior.” “In difficult and challenging conditions,” Pasqua “animated his entire French political life personality,” says a statement from the Elysee.

The name of Pasqua remains associated with the death of a young man of Moroccan origin, Oussekine Malik, who died at the hands of the police during a student demonstration in Paris in 1986, when he was Beauvau place.

Another “gray area” for this old “top cop of France”: its legislation restricting the right of asylum in June 1993, and its links with the Civic Action Service (SAC), a kind of secret police created in the late 1950s and dissolved by François Mitterrand after the killing of a local leader of the SAC and all his family.

On the right, even among his opponents Chirac, we salute the memory of the one we liked the shock formulas like “must terrorize terrorists. ” “Jacques Chirac has learned with great sadness the death of Charles Pasqua,” said the former Head of State in a statement sent to AFP by his daughter Claude.

– ‘With him, no jargon ‘-

Obviously keen to forget that Charles Pasqua, who he did not speak for a long time, had “betrayed” the benefit of Edouard Balladur in 1995 ” Jacques Chirac lost a companion and a friend, “the statement said.

” France loses one of its greatest servants, “responded the former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy, who had blown him to 28 years, the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine. Historically, these two politicians in strong character had reconciled. In his last public appearance, Pasqua had attended on May 30 the founder of the Republican convention.

“His personality impressed me,” said Alain Juppe, not known to be easily impressed.

Even the younger generation, which has hardly known, bows. “This is a man I did not know much but what he did as a young resistant (…) hat lot of respect,” said Bruno Le Maire.

“With him , no waffling, “exclaims François Fillon, remembering his” eloquence “who” brightened the greyness of the political-media world. “

This trait, many also point the forward, including left. “He had a dark side (…) but I want to look today, the day of his disappearance, the jovial and spirited” and said Michel Sapin, Minister of Finance.

“In my generation, his memory is overloaded by the death of Malik Oussekine” but “this man was marked by the Resistance (…) discussions with him it was rude, he lengthened the strokes,” said Jean -Luke Mélenchon, yet strong political opponent.

Only Ian Brossat (PCF) has frankly visitors. “Topping tonight’s face Malik Oussekine which itself has not had the chance to live up to 88 years …” he tweeted.

Jean -Marie Le Pen and Florian Philippot, the FN number two, each in turn paid tribute to “a great patriot”

30/06/2015 9:10:22 p.m.. – Paris (AFP) – By Nadège Puljak – AFP © 2015


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