Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MP Philippe Nogues leaves the PS – Liberation

two. After the former MEP Liem Hoang Ngoc, it is the turn of the Morbihan MP Philippe Nogues, leaving the Socialists. “The PS has droitisé, social-liberalized , he told Liberation. He flipped the wrong side of the force.” In a letter that we have procured (see below), it Breton Parliament elected in 2012 and socialist member since 2006 justifies this departure, three years after his election to the Assembly: “The pride that I felt this June 17, 2012 was first transformed into disillusionment, and, I must admit, with some shame , he wrote. Shame for not having seen earlier face it, not having fired earlier the alarm, because I still wanted to believe that things would change “.

“Club supporters’

Since the arrival of Manuel Valls at Matignon, Nogues campaigned with the said deputies ” slingers “ to ” trying to influence the government line “. “The action was useful but it is clear that our efforts have been relatively unsuccessful” , he regretted. His “hope of changing from within” he says, “fainted” . “Words are not enough, we need action” , he insists. Nogues thus makes its socialist card at the same time it leaves the group RSC (Socialists, Republicans and citizens). In a letter to the boss of the PS deputies (see elsewhere), he expressed his “intimate conviction that the PS is in a process of transformation to a liberal social party, having finally endorsed the theory which there would be no alternative “. For Nogues, the Socialist Group in the Assembly “gradually transformed into a simple fan club of government actions” .

Will it migrate to the left the Chamber and join another parliamentary group? “No , he responds to Libération . I can not join another group “ It keeps a ” hope “. Disappointed that other socialist line taken by the PS and the government to follow the form a new parliamentary group. “My action will bring others” , he said. But after lunch Wednesday lunch with his comrades opposed the economic line taken by Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls, Nogues must be resolved for the time from one: “They think they can still evolve the party. “

The letter of Philippe Nogues


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