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Child pornography case as an Ariégeois betrayed by his holding … – FranceTV info

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A 40 year old man has been indicted and jailed Thursday in Foix for posting on the Internet of pornographic pictures of his niece 10 years
on which the police had noticed her outfit a volunteer firefighter.

  • By Michel Pech
  • Published 25/06/2015 | 4:08 p.m., updated 06.25.2015 | 6:11 p.m.
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© MaxPPP

A judicial investigation was opened Thursday by the prosecutor of the Republic Foix who requested the provisional detention of 41 year old male and his partner of 32 years, arrested Tuesday morning at their home in Fougax-et-Barrineuf, a village in the Pyrenees.

Images identified in New Zealand
The investigation began in New Zealand where a police officer detected the Net of child abuse images, which were not listed in the database of Interpol.
These images circulating on the TOR (The Onion Router, the Onion Router), a network that can anonymize the IP address.

Investigators were able to identify, in the background of the images, “a French brand of shampoo and a uniform Firefighter of the Ariege”

said the floor.
The investigation was then directed to France and the South West Department.
The facts date back to the autumn of 2014 and it has not been demonstrated, rape of a minor, according the source said.

The child was on vacation with his uncle
Aged 10 years, the child lives in Ariege and “her parents were unaware,” according to the first elements of the investigation. His uncle had wanted “her to come spend the holidays at home.” The couple arrested
“acknowledged the facts” during his prolonged detention, said the judicial source. Both were to be presented at
freedom and detention judge Thursday.


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